How to export all passings that was registered outside the session

If you want to see in excel file all passings that was registered outside any session, you need to add a column "Session" to the grid. All rows with empty Heat number in that column will indicate that the passing was register in the moment when no sessions was started. 

You can do it in the Passings tab in Fast Timing software.

1. Select the date that you want to check in Timing settings and open passings tab after.

2. To modify a grid, right click on it and select Layout->Modify the Layout:

List with all available columns will appear. Press and drag Session column to the columns of the grid and close that list.

3. Now you can see to which session passing is belonging. If you want to show this column all the time, again right click on the grid, select Layout->Set as default screen layout.

4. You can also filter only timing passings by clicking on filter button in the "Kind" column:



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