How to make a copy of a package


Imagine that you have a package "Mini Gp", which contains 3 races:

Race 1 Qualification round 1
Race 2 Qualification round 2
Race 3 Final

And you want to make the same package but with different name and price e.g. "New year race".


In order to create a package like that, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Fast Configurator software and type your login details
  2. First we will need to copy that used for report and contains price. Usually it is a product with the same name as the package -> "Mini Gp". Open Product tab and look for Mini GP product. Right click on that row and press Copy.
  3. Type new product name and new price and press 'OK'.
  4. Now we have our new product. and we need to copy the package as well and link it with the new product. Open Packages tab and look for Mini GP package, right click on it and press 'Copy'.
  5. Rename the product to e.g. 'New Year Race', then double click on "Qualifying" line.
  6. In a new window, press on the ... button next to Mini GP product to select "New year product".
  7. Look for New year Race product, select it and press 'OK'. Then press 'OK' on all open screens and open the Pages.
  8. Final step. we need to add our new package on the page. Open pages tab, karting page, press on Packages and select New Year Race.
  9. Drag it on the empty spot in the grid and press ok.

That's it. You can already see this new product in the karting page in the POS.


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