Solving software losing database connection

If a module doesn't start, because the database connection is lost, you have to check multiple things, because the issue can have multiple causes:

1. Can the computer find connection to the server?

You can open a 'Run' window by pressing 'Windows key + R' and by writing 'cmd' in the search bar. This will open the command prompt window. Try to 'ping' the server by entering 'ping fast-server' (assuming that the server name is 'fast-server') or 'ping XXX.XXX.XXX' (= ping the server's IP address).

A reply from the server will give the following result:

If you don't receive a ping answer, check the internet connection (cable plugged in?).

2. Are the sms.ini settings right?

Check the content of sms.ini in C:\FAST on the affected computer.

Most important are the upper lines, in which a location is indicated. The paths (like C:\Fast\SMSDBU.FDB) should match the reality on the server. On some servers, the database is stored on the D:\ drive, for instance. If these lines aren't the same, change it so that the lines are to the correct path.

3. Is the network connection still working?

Investigate if the network connection got interrupted by opening the 'Network and Sharing Center'.

The following issues are possible:

  • The network cable(s) is (are) unplugged or broken
  • The router is switched off or broken
  • The network card is broken

Go and check the list of possible issues one by one, and fix the issue.

4. Is the internet connection slow?

In most cases, this shouldn't be an issue, since the software modules can, in normal circumstances, communicate over the local network. However, if a computer is connected by Wi-Fi, this should cause some suspicion. You can check the internet connection by testing with Speedtest. (Link to Speedtest).

If the connection is slow, connect the computer with an internet cable to ensure the fastest connection.

5. Installed new antivirus software recently?

Search for unwanted antivirus software and uninstall it.
Find the unwanted software in 'Programs and Features', Right Mouse Button on it and choose 'Uninstall'.


Mathias Bruyninckx

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