Our brand new booking software is being deployed at more and more karting centers. Our Garage software has gotten a big overhaul. And there's more top secret stuff coming up. These new products will be announced at the Offenbach tradeshow this month (January 2017).


Features and Improvements

FV-6118 Timing Option to show both kart numbers and position on Fast Pit Display 
FV-5820 Timing If the score group is the Default one, it can be hidden
FV-5851 Timing  Automatically switch to the next session 
FV-5466 Configurator Printout with kart barcodes
FV-5914 Configurator Drag and drop products
FV-5562 Positioning Checking the Garage tab to see if the positioning karts are active.
FV-6067 TV Support for locally stored video files in Fast TV Software
FV-6068 TV Support for locally stored image files in Fast TV Software
FV-6069 TV Scenes can have an automatic duration now
FV-6063 TV TV can now be embedded in other pieces of the software
FV-6026 TV Support bigger header on the Live Results TV scene
FV-5312 TV  Upcoming Sessions screen: more options 
FV-5955 Booking Addded amount of people to reservation summary
FV-5713 Booking Reservation statuses are now sorted
FV-5852 Booking Product barcodes can be scanned now
FV-5871 Booking Product stock is now shown on the buttons
FV-5710 Booking Zooming in reservations screen with ctrl +- and mouse wheel
FV-5706 Booking  Focusing on the beginning of the day setup instead of 6am 
FV-5598 Booking Reservation persons now have validation, so you won't enter empty names accidentally.
FV-5717 Booking Display mobile phone in reservation if normal phone is empty
FV-6084 Booking New security settings for the payments of the previous days
FV-5741 Booking Multiselect people to sell a membership and book into a race
FV-5410 Booking Implement return paymethods
FV-5906 Booking Highlight current session in orange
FV-5818 Booking Use the barcode scanner to quickly add new people to the reservation.
FV-1511 Booking Quick flow to add people to reservations
FV-5936 Booking Manual swipe functionality
FV-5902 Booking Show the started sessions in the Booking software
FV-5181 Booking Option to keep session number for packages
FV-6091 Booking The birthday is now clearly highlighted
FV-5817 Booking In a reservation, allow entering just the name
FV-5923 Booking Default value for reservation state
FV-5724 Booking Print participant's name on sales receipt
FV-5439 Booking Speeding up the loading time of the bills on tab
* Booking Various other Booking features
FV-5352 Insights Added average waiting time between sessions 
FV-5644 Insights Added graph for average number of races per month
FV-6054 Garage  Multiselect parts during task creation 
FV-5918 Garage Show stock in Garage software
FV-5941 Garage  Show stock while attaching/replacing part 
FV-5896 Garage  Vehicle report improvements 
FV-5473 Garage  Support for webcams to photograph parts
FV-6104 Garage Show last passing of a kart
FV-5951 Garage Vehicle overview report - added task solve time
* Garage Many other Garage improvements
FV-5195 Updater Installer size has been reduced by 40%


FV-6028 Configurator Drag and drop columns in live results scene wasn't working
FV-5496 Hardware Fixed a reconnect issue with Kart Timer 
FV-5757 Kiosk  Hidden questions labels reappeared after an update 
FV-5747 Kiosk  "Are you still here" dialog not showing anymore 
FV-5510 Kiosk  The textbox style was not OK in certain scenarios 
FV-6292 Kiosk  The popup to add minors was blocking the keyboard 
FV-6291 Kiosk  The Guardian signature and picture were not saved correctly 
FV-6142 Timing Going back to last week in the timing software caused trouble
FV-6089 Timing The personal printout was printing an extra empty page
FV-6025 Timing Exception when trying to add a participant over the max capacity
FV-6030 Timing The best time of the day/week/year does not appear on printout if it was driven this race
FV-5749 Timing Fast 5 wasn't creating the sessions in some cases
FV-6290 Timing Issue with stopping all karts on Emergency
FV-5815 Sync "Accept social messages" was set to 0 in some cases
FV-6013 TV Fast Pit Display was showing old sessions sometimes
FV-5509 TV Changing the columns didn't update the TV software in realtime
FV-6169 TV TV Settings were not saving to the DB
FV-5793 TV Option to hide the progressbar was not working
FV-6198 TV Next heat time was always in millitary time 
FV-6024 TV Upcoming Sessions software kept showing the first heat of the day
FV-5697 Updater After the update, the VSync was slow




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