How to configure printing of long tickets with Epson

Open Devices and Printers, right click on the ticket printer and choose Printer properties:


Go to Advanced tab and click Printing Defaults:

In Layout tab click Advanced:


In Paper size choose Roll Paper 80x3276 mm:

Press OK to save.


In case you have different drivers, you might need to add this paper size by yourself.

! WARNING: If you are using the driver version below and you notice that after these changes the right part of ticket is being cut off, you have to install driver from ftp.

Enter width 80mm, length 3276mm and press Save paper size. Click OK to close the window.


 If the margins aren't ok you can adjust them in the software as followed:

  1. Goto "System -> Configuration -> reports"
  2. Select the sales ticket.
  3. Go to the settings tab.
  4. Set the scaling percent on 95 or lower.
  5. Apply
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