How to configure your YOMANI (Atos Worldline N.V.) payment terminal

Make sure that your YOMANI device is connected to the electrical grid through a power cable and to the same local network as the software through an Ethernet cable.
The terminal will need an internet connection.

Before setting up the terminal, you will need to prepare a few things:

  • You will need your merchant number given by your supplier (usually Atos worldline or your bank)
  • Make sure your computers that you want to use, have a fixed ip-address outside of your DHCP range.
  • The terminal software release need to be 14.07 or higher, if this is not the case, you can call the ATOS Worldline helpdesk to update your terminal.
  • The Fast Software Version need to be at least higher then 1 February 2017

As soon the points above are done, we can start configuring the terminal.
We will need to setup 2 things:

  1. Setup the CTEP protocol
  2. Add your POS/Booking computer ip-address and set as default

1. Setup CTEP

  1. Press , and . (not simultaneously)
  2. Select '3. Terminal setup'.
  3. Select '10. Next'.
  4. Select '9. Only technician'.
  5. Now use the code 1235789 when it asks for a password.
  6. Select '4 Hardware settings'
  7. Select '1 Communications' and make sure it's set to: 'Ethernet'
  8. Go 1 level back by pressing   to be back in the 'Hardware settings menu'
  9. Select '2 ECR-protocol' and make sure it's set to 'CTEP'
  10. Return to the main screen by pressing  6 times

2. Add your POS/Booking computer

  1. Press ++.
  2. Select '3 Terminal setup'
  3. Select '10 Next'
  4. Select '3 Settings merchant'
  5. Please fill in the last four digits from the TID code (Or merchant code)
  6. Select 'Next'
  7. Select '1 Cashier settings'
  8. Select '2 Add Cashier'
  9. Insert a name (e.g. 'POS1');
  10. Now you will fill in the ip-address. The ip address you will need to fill in in 4 parts without the .
    Example: need to be filled in like:
    192 16810133.
  11. Now it will show the port, this should be 9000 and press
  12. You will be back in the menu of 'Cashier settings' and choose the item '1 list of cashiers'
  13. Select the cashier you've just created and set it as default
  14. Now restart the device

3. Run Fast CC Server if you use Fast 4

  1. If you are using our Fast 4 Cash (see picture), you have to use the Fast CC Server tool to connect to your terminal and you have to configure the Payment Method to accept the creditcard provider.
  2. First open Fast 4 Configurator
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Search "Terminal"
  5. Put the value on "True" (default is "False") Make sure you check if the "Computer: XXXX" has the name of the computer where you are going to use the terminal.
  6. Enable the "Creditcard Provider" on your pay method - Go to "Setup" and "Pay methods"
  7. Open the correct pay method by double clicking on it and check the "Creditcard provider" option.
  8. Close the configurator and start the Fast CC Server.
  9. If everything is done correctly, the software will connect with the terminal and will tell you it succeeded.
  10. Finally, when you select the correct payment method, this popup will appear.

4. Yomani Fast 5

If you have Fast 5, just add the device "Yomani Terminal Atos Worldline" to the device in Fast 5 Configurator. Make sure you also have the DLL file "CTEPDotNetLib.dll" in the root folder of fast on the computer that is going to use the terminal. You can find this dll file at one of our existing clients.

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