Fast 5 voucher system

This article explains how you can set up the voucher system for Fast 5.

Voucher types

There are 2 types of voucher types you can set up:

  • A normal voucher which return money, points or credits. You configure this type of voucher in advance and after generate voucher codes
  • A voucher which will show a sales page, where you can configure products that will be returned by the voucher. You generate code for this type of vouchers first and only after at sales time you configure what they return.

For example:

Harald Huysman Karting has a voucher which returns 10 credit, a voucher which returns 500 in money, and a voucher which returns the sales page gift card. On the sales page gift card there are 2 products: Gift card point and Gift voucher credit. So when you sell the voucher which returns the sales page, you can use the products to create any kind of combination in voucher you like using the product buttons.

At Inkart, they also use the voucher system which returns a sales page. On the sales page they can choose for 15 euro voucher to pay now or 15 euro voucher paid online. When you choose for the product pay now, it will activate the voucher and add 15 euro to the bill. When you choose for paid online, it will activate the voucher, but it will not charge anything on the bill.

Set up voucher types

You can set up the different voucher types using the menu - products - voucher setups.

In the voucher type you can set the following information:

  • Name of the voucher type
  • Active
  • Transferable (not implemented yet)
  • Validity period or expiration date
  • Sales page: if the voucher returns a page with products you choose from to set up the voucher
  • Value: you can choose the return type in money, credits, points, ... for the voucher type. NOTE: you don't need to configure this if you selected sales page)

In this page you can also

  • Enter amount of vouchers to create and press "Generate button" to generate new codes.
  • After voucher were generated - you can activate them (then you don't have to sell the voucher first in the POS to activate it, this can be useful if you want to sell vouchers online and send immediately by mail after payment confirmation)
  • You can also export generated voucher to csv

Linking a product to a voucher

When you set up a voucher that returns money, credits or points, you have to set up a product and in the return type set the voucher type that it returns. Like this you can set up an amount you want to charge when you sell this kind of vouchers. If you create a product for the voucher with sales page - you have to check "Variable price" instead of setting the price. The price for such voucher will be created automatically based on selected Products on Sales page.

For voucher without Sales Page it is possible to create multiple different products to sell them.

If you didn't link a product to return a voucher type, you will get an error message saying you cannot sell this voucher type because there are no products linked.

Vouchers overview 

You can see all vouchers in Menu->Products->Vouchers overview.

On this screen you can

  • Use different filters to show vouchers. (maximum 1000 vouchers will be shown in the grid)
  • Activate/Deactivate/Block/Export selected vouchers or all vouchers based on filters

Selling or activating vouchers

When you generated vouchers that have not been activated yet, you first have to sell them in the POS to activate them first.

  1. Scan the QR code of the voucher
  2. If the voucher returns money, credits or points: click the activate button to add it to the bill
  3. If the voucher returns a sales page, use the buttons on the sales page to set up the voucher and click the activate button to add it to the bill
  4. Optional: you can select a person. In this case this voucher will be able to be redeemed only by selected person.
  5. Click on the pay button and complete the payment to activate the voucher

Redeeming vouchers

When a customer wants to redeem a voucher, you scan the QR code of the activated voucher.

If you didn't scan a membercard yet, the system will show you a grid overview with people you can select from to redeem the voucher for. So if you want to redeem the voucher on a new customer, you first have to create his membercard off course.

If you have scanned a membercard before scanning the QR code of the voucher, the system will automatically redeem the voucher on the person that you scanned.

If there are multiple customers on the same bill when you scan a QR code of a voucher, the system will show you a grid overview with the customers on the bill and you can select the customer to redeem the voucher for. In this grid overview you will also see customers that already have redeemed vouchers. It can be handy if multiple customers came with multiple vouchers.


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