How to configure daily cash report in Fast 5

In Fast 4 you can configure the daily cash report in Fast Appserver.
You can configure the emailaddresses it needs to be sent to and the hour when it needs to be sent.
The Fast Appserver connects to Fast Reportserver to have the report sent.

In Fast 5, you can do the setup in the Configurator.
First we will have to create an automation.

  1. Open the Configurator
  2. Click on the menu button at the right top
  3. Open System - Automations
  4. Click on the '+' button to create a new automation
  5. Enter a name for the automation, for example 'Daily mails'
  6. In addresses you can enter the email addresses where this automation needs to sent to
  7. For target type you can choose PDF
  8. Make sure Active is set to On
  9. Set the daily time to the time you want this automation to be sent
  10. In Periods mark always
  11. 'Save' this automation

After the automation has been created, we can configure this automation on the cash overview report.

  1. Open the Configurator
  2. Click on the menu button at the right top
  3. Open System - Reports
  4. Open report CashOverview or click on the + button to create a new report if it doesn't exist yet
  5. In the field automation select the newly created automation
  6. 'Save' the report

That's all to configure the daily cash report or any other report that needs to be sent on a regular basis.

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