Features and Improvements

FV-6518 Booking Add SessionSetupToMembership
FV-6546 Booking Hide a page if it doesn't contain products
FV-6523 Booking Use a different kind for membercards instead of a prefix
FV-6522 Booking Implement "Start next day" option on a schedule setup
FV-6517 Booking Add minimum time to book between sessions
FV-6623 Hardware Integrate "Dehaardt RTLS" positioning
FV-6542 Booking Add tax summary to the bill
FV-6573 Smart Kiosk Ask Signature on credit card payment on the touchscreen
FV-6562 Smart Kiosk Integrate credit card payments
FV-6561 Smart Kiosk Integrate TV engine survey in to smart kiosk
FV-6550 Smart Kiosk Upsell memberships when needed for a product
FV-6537 Smart Kiosk Make text scalable for products un smart kiosk
FV-6541 Smart Kiosk Make validation for sessions based on a required membership
FV-6584 Smart Kiosk Sell bonus products automaticly after registering with Facebook
FV-6445 Smart Kiosk Integrate payment survey page
FV-6604 Mobile App Implement network changed in the mobile app
FV-5992 Mobile App Implement register a device (New mobile app)
FV-6205 Booking Add visibility option for a member
FV-6534 Booking Add security on cashreports
FV-6253 Smart Kiosk Add hints to survey pages
FV-6296 Mobile app Add translations to mobile app (New mobile app)
FV-6322 Client Make software in 1 single exe
FV-6327 Hardware Integrate Verifone VX805 Payment terminal
FV-XXXX Hardware Integrate Yomani payment terminal
FV-6526 Smart Kiosk Accept cash payments in smart kiosk
FV-6564 Smart Kiosk Add creditcard decline flow
FV-5991 Mobile App Create migrationtool for old app to the new app
FV-6299 Timing Jackpot time implemented on all printouts
FV-2124 Timing Fix optimal vertical printout to change type after 12 drivers
FV-6543 Smart Kiosk Show start time of heat in sales basket
FV-6276 Mobile App Implement new heavy testing envoirment
FV-6275 Mobile App Implement Toast in mobile app
FV-6474 Mobile App Style offline pages in mobile app
FV-6513 Mobile App Resend email loading popup was not shown
FV-6596 Mobile App Fix facebook registration


FV-6559 Mobile App Get news from facebook didn't take always correct news
FV-6039 Booking Pay on tab is not live on all pc's
FV-6400 Booking Card change doesn't block old card
FV-6382 Booking Ask membership screen appears twice
FV-6300 Booking Products don't show with multiple licenses
FV-6367 Booking Changing resources on sales pages shows popup if you want to leave
FV-6107 Booking Reservation grid doesn't update the name live
FV-5507 Booking Participant with custom session setup didn't work
FV-6167 Booking Product images didn't resize correct
FV-6525 Booking Payments not rolled back on single interruption
FV-6531 Booking Memberships to 2 persons gave the wrong membership to the 2nd
FV-6554 Booking Fix security
FV-6398 Garage Total hours were not right calculated
FV-6324 Kiosk Reset button didn't work
FV-6471 Mobile App Dashboard didn't work when device offline
FV-6498 Mobile App Logout changed the profile picture
FV-6515 Mobile App Sometimes the app is stuck on Dashboard
FV-6577 Mobile App Karting trackname was hardcoded
FV-6601 Mobile App Dashboard loading very slow
FV-6610 Mobile App Fix brightness of the devices
FV-6628 Mobile App Continue to app is placed over the barcode
FV-6635 Mobile App QR is unreadeble when phone is in landscape mode
FV-6631 Mobile App Email doesn't accept underscore in the domain part
FV-6512 Timing Facebook link was incorrect in the race result email




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