Key Summary Status Updated Component Description Resolution
FV-2212 Memo question: rowspan doesn't work Resolved 18/11/17 Kiosk The rowspan of the memo doesn't work: the field doesn't become larger, and it's probably not even a textarea. Won't Fix
FV-4949 race participant get last passing time Resolved 11/08/17     Duplicate
FV-5153 NullReferenceException on LicenseDialog Resolved 10/10/17 Framework   Fixed
FV-5192 Card change from intercard to CC not possible Resolved 03/10/17 Fast 4 Extreme fun center wants to free up some cards that have been left behind.

João's idea was to do a card change in the POS from #IC1069 to CC1069.
It's giving an unknown error. (Right now #IC is always added in front of the new card when you want to change from an intercard)

Reported by Sean, Extreme action park
Won't Fix
FV-5256 Search on person memo Resolved 23/10/17 Application Search for person on memo field? Is it possible to make? Fixed
FV-5418 Driver not in best times of today Resolved 04/10/17   Easykart had a customer driving one of the best times of today.
On the printout however, the driver didn't show inside the best times of today overview, see attached screenshot.
FV-5419 Bug with permissions in Botox database Resolved 04/10/17 Botox I am trying to execute this on webserver 5 with default user from DatabaseHelper (see errors in attached file)

execute block
returns (
OUT_IS_BI_READY smallint)
OUT_IS_BI_READY = iif(exists(select 1
Won't Fix
FV-5432 Convert fast4 Report Groups to Fast 5 Product Group Resolved 07/11/17 Booking Report groups from Fast4 needs to be converted to a top-level product groups in Fast5 Won't Fix
FV-5529 Show credit card info on sales ticket Resolved 11/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-5606 Move buttons to draw less attention Resolved 15/08/17 Support See screenshot

one button should also be enough, nothing is stopping you from deciding if it is f4 or f5 and then Use 1 button, see even better.png
FV-5742 Restart Scoreboard (may be entire TV engine) in case if active track changed Resolved 09/08/17 TV Tenerife waiting
FV-5762 don't load passings in booking for the past Resolved 15/08/17 Booking I don't see a reason why we need the passings of the past in the booking

(m&aybe for the print?)
FV-5765 You can't drag and drop participants into a team Resolved 17/09/17 Timing You have to double click them and then select the team. Fixed
FV-5812 Page editor doesn't work properly Resolved 27/10/17 Booking, Configurator Product pages are hard to set up. After each product you have to restart the software :)
Products disappear, ... weird stuff

I was using the drag and drup method of adding products and combos.
Using the double click + selecting products from the list it seems to work quite well.
FV-5829 Webcam not working Resolved 04/09/17 Booking Seen at Indoorkarting Antwerpen.
On the POS, the Logitech webcam was not coming into the software.
Our software was showing a black screen instead.

I could see it with some other webcam tool, so it's not an issue with the webcam itself.
The main webcam was working in our software, by the way.
I tried deactivating the main one so the logitech webcam would come into the software. But that didn't help.
Won't Do
FV-5889 "add" button crashes software in ControllerLookupEdit Resolved 07/11/17 Booking, Framework PersonLookupEdit in ReservationDetail Fixed
FV-5927 Entry Products are converted to wrong resource Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization When you have 2 resources, all products from the seconds resource will have the first resource as resource ID on their entry product (since a entry product doesn't have a resource in F4 I guess) so they don't show in the POS. Fixed
FV-5928 Products are converted to wrong entry product Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization For example in Jerez, all products were converted to an entry product with a 10 min duration and custom setup enabled, while it should be 8. Anyway, products shouldn't have the 'custom session setup' enabled anyway (unless maybe the scoregroup is overridden in F4) Fixed
FV-5929 Package lines are incorrectly merged when converting to Fast5 Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization For example, if you have in F4 2 different packages with the same product Qualification.
In Package 1 you override it with 10 minutes duration, and in Package 2 with 15 minutes duration. They will be merged into the same entry product in F5.
FV-6112 Layout changes are gone after update Resolved 29/09/17   When you change the screen layout, save it as default and then do an update, the layout is reset to the default one.

Gokarting.DK reported this.
FV-6116 To think about -> how to show billed and paid bills on the same person Resolved 11/08/17 Booking Imagine you made bill on tab for person, then paid it.

Then made another bill, put it on the same person, then paid again.

Right now these 2 bills will be separate in payments, but after restart they'll be merged in the same.
FV-6153 Reservations advance search Resolved 15/11/17 Booking, Database Availability to search on Reservation Name/Memo/Status Fixed
FV-6355 Fix "Expired membership" screen Resolved 17/09/17 Kiosk   Fixed
FV-6527 Show progress bar indicator where kart is driving like on the scoreboard Resolved 11/08/17 Mobile It would be nice if we could add the progress bar on the live timing where the kart is driving like on the scoreboard.

Request by Wittlich
FV-6552 Vsync changes Person category from -5(online registration) to -1(customer) Resolved 04/08/17 Conversion 4 - V It happens in R1 Fixed
FV-6563 Modifier shows wrong window when it configured with memberships Resolved 17/09/17 Kiosk it opens a booking window instead of kiosk styled one. Fixed
FV-6568 YKC: 'Book now' not working Resolved 15/11/17 Online booking Your Karting Center:

When pressing 'Book now', an error message appears.
(Related to Resengo?)
Won't Do
FV-6597 Handle URI scheme inside app Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile We can handle specific links from our app. For example, if you're loggin in with e-mail, you open it from device and click on the link, it should open app and handle authorization from this link (the old app did this)
Another usefull example is for onine booking: we can share a link with frineds so they can join to your reservation
FV-6662 Upcoming sessions screen doesn't refresh if you move reservation Resolved 17/08/17 Reservations, TV Reported by Benjamin Gasser.

If you move a reservation, the upcoming sessions screen doesn't seem to refresh immediately.
FV-6667 Just show membership product on page Resolved 17/09/17 Booking Ecodrom would like the option to hide a membership product on "new member" and renewal pages. And just show it on a specific page where it has been configured.

This is really important!
At a lot of karting tracks they have a lot of renewal products, which are visible when you try to add a new member. This becomes very confusing and hard to work with.
FV-6674 null ref reservation Resolved 12/08/17 Booking 15:11:41.849 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:11:56.923 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:12:13.013 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:12:20.531 Finished action on the report
15:12:29.062 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:12:45.096 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:13:01.141 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:13:16.259 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:13:28.944 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.CashReportSettingsEditor] GOnline.Controls.CheckEdit is checked:True
15:13:31.336 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:13:46.441 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:14:02.452 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:14:18.659 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:14:22.876 [GOnline.Controls.PopupUserControlWindow] GOnline.Controls.Button BtnCancel Cancel was clicked.
15:14:23.119 window closed - [GOnline.Controls.PopupUserControlWindow]
15:14:34.501 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:14:46.948 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.Reservations.ReservationsPlannersController created in new window
15:14:50.589 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:14:57.064 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.Reservations.ReservationsPlannerController created in new window
15:14:58.240 UpdateButtons
15:14:58.240 False
15:14:58.240 False
15:14:58.240 True
15:14:58.240 True
15:15:06.544 Client.DoConnected Host=sms-laptop21 Port=10000 Error=SocketException Msg=An invalid argument was supplied
15:15:12.417 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.Reservations.ReservationsPlannerController] GOnline.Controls.ApplyButton BtnApply Apply was clicked.
15:15:12.756 [GOnline.Controls.ValidationWindow]
15:15:27.524 ****************************** exception ******************************
15:15:27.524 Exception caught in CallbackEngine, source = RaiseCollectionChanged
15:15:27.524 TargetInvocationException
15:15:27.524 Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
15:15:27.524 InvalidOperationException
15:15:27.524 Nullable object must have a value.
15:15:27.524 at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments)
at System.Delegate.DynamicInvokeImpl(Object[] args)
at System.Delegate.DynamicInvoke(Object[] args)
at GOnline.Controls.CallBackEngine.CallBackData.Execute() in C:\Development\Fast5\Funboo\GOnline.Controls\Helpers\CallBackEngine.cs:line 142
Cannot Reproduce
FV-6708 Memberships doesn't appear in person card after start Resolved 11/08/17 Booking If you have a bill with memberships inside, it doesn't show it in the person card, unless you resresh it by changing billlines.
Same with deposits.
Won't Fix
FV-6724 Make cleanup procedure for online booking Resolved 20/11/17 Booking, Mobile, Online booking We need to cleanup open bills and reservations connected to it.
Should be a setting like after what time it needs to be cleaned up.

In T_PROJECT you need to add new field - last update time (last action time). We will update this field every time person adds something to reservation or when he starts payment.
You need to look for reservations with state Pending online (-100) and Start payment (-101).
This reservations should have a *open* bill. If last update time is more then allowed, reservation should be cancelled and bill closed.
FV-6815 Lapo shutdown remote Resolved 07/11/17 Timing The lapo shutdown remote deactivates itself and they have to activate it again in device settings. Won't Fix
FV-6925 Person merge change category instead of deleting item Resolved 25/08/17 Booking Delete with sync will never work.
So we'll change the category of the person to Merged, and run some tool in app server to check all dependencies of old person that arrives, and relink them to a new person.
FV-6926 Architecture of new central system Resolved 16/10/17 Post Office It pretends to include mail, sms, push and social networks messaging.
It has to manage lists of recipients. (bounced, complains, unsubscribes and some querying to get sublists)
It has to manage accounts of different systems using. (SMTP accounts, perhaps mailchimp etc.).
Should it be able to prepare message template?
It has to give access to control processes of sending. (so we will be able to stop or start some process)
It has to be able to communicate with all our mail system.
It has to give to us some statistics.
FV-7001 Hide persons that are linked to users Resolved 04/09/17 Booking Maybe personcategory? Won't Fix
FV-7002 Page is always dirty Resolved 27/10/17 Configurator It is very annoying that page detail is always dirty, even though you didn't touch anything Fixed
FV-7021 Make ranking module Resolved 09/08/17 Mobile   Fixed
FV-7029 Be able to link existing person to a user Resolved 14/11/17 Booking, Configurator It's not possible right now, you need to have a person linked.

But on installation first we register staff in kiosk and give them a card, but users configuration is usually happening later, which leads to double persons in the database.
FV-7047 First version Resolved 10/04/17 Mobile Make simple best times module, just a table using current webmodules API Fixed
FV-7048 Make API calls for new ranking module in backend Resolved 08/07/17 Backend, Mobile API calls for getting records. Needs to include person id's (to get their picture).
Also it should include your record if it's not in top X.
FV-7049 Ranking. Second version with new API calls Resolved 02/08/17 Mobile It should display person pictures and your prsonal best time (like in old app) Fixed
FV-7104 IOException: The process cannot access the file 'C:\FAST\Backup\20170418.7z' because it is being used by another process. Resolved 05/10/17   Raygun report has more details about the error

This can be because of a few things.

Maybe we cannot share the file with multiple users. For example Client A is downloading it already when we're calcing the crc.
More likely is though that while we're zipping, we don't work with a tempfile and the "proper" file already exists, DURING the process of zipping.
We should zip it in a tempfile and then rename it
FV-7137 Make all icons decent Size and Style Resolved 07/11/17 Framework Do this together with Maarten Fixed
FV-7158 Cash report extension Resolved 04/09/17 Booking Money on card:

Can we show to which members the sale of 'money on card' is related?


Can we show to which products refunds/voids are related?
Won't Fix
FV-7161 Icons doesn't make any sence Resolved 17/09/17 Framework !image-2017-04-27-11-20-06-286.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-06-286.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-28-819.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-28-819.png|thumbnail!

before it was expand - collapse button
FV-7164 Create structure in fast5 db for mailing Resolved 28/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7172 Server memberpics PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_PERS_IV_ID" Resolved 14/09/17 server In Power area. Happened at 27.04.2017.
Database is uploaded to FTP

15:08:24.877 violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_PERS_IV_ID" on table "T_PERSON"
Problematic key value is ("F_IV_ID" = 20489)
15:08:24.877 bij FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
bij GOnline.Common.Command.<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<ExecuteConcurrentNonQuery>b__0()
bij GOnline.Common.Command.RetryHelper[TResult](Func`1 aCommandAction, Int32 aRetriesOnConcurrentUpdate)
bij GOnline.Common.Command.ExecuteConcurrentNonQuery(FbCommand aCommand, Int32 aRetriesOnConcurrentUpdate)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.MemberPictures.<>c__DisplayClass12_0.<ConvertTempMember>b__0(FbCommand cmd)
bij GOnline.Common.Helpers.DatabaseHelper.InternalOpenCommand(FbConnection aConnection, TransactionMode aMode, Action`1 aCommand)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.MemberPictures.ConvertTempMember(IEnumerable`1 aIds)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.Server.ConvertTempPicture(ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aQuestion, ProtocolStream aAnswer)
bij GOnline.Common.FastMessenger.Server.RunMethod(ActionHandler aMethod, ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aQuestion, ProtocolStream aAnswer)
bij GOnline.Common.FastMessenger.Server.HandleRequest(ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aBuffer, Nullabl
Won't Fix
FV-7189 "Upload finished popup" hides behind the Fast Support tool Resolved 27/10/17 Framework, Support When you deploy Wsync and the database upload is done, the popup window that says "upload done" hides behind the support tool. Fixed
FV-7200 Delete user from reservation doesn't work Resolved 04/09/17   Deleting a user after booking them in from the heats overview doesn't work Won't Fix
FV-7234 Scoreboard OutOfMemory exception Resolved 16/08/17 TV Scoreboard crashed with that exeption. Log is attached.
It happened in R1 on Fast Tv track timing Adults computer.

Same happens on bistro computers at Inkart.
For example INNUC-BISTRO03 at 05-08-2017.
All bistro computers have this.
FV-7281 MOD_CALENDAR_RESERVATIONS Resolved 18/09/17 Web modules VAR_ONLINE_PUBLIC is not initialized, but it is used and thus will always be wrong. Fixed
FV-7311 Fast 4 Pos doesn't change Pers Cat Resolved 14/09/17 Conversion 4 - V, fast4 We just noticed that our cleanup procedure which deletes unused registrations also deletes all mobile registrations in fast 5 for fast4 pos.

I think it's happening because F_PERSC_ID stays the same -4 after sell in fast 4, and after 4 days they got deleted from fast5.
Won't Fix
FV-7316 Error on loading tv Resolved 15/08/17 TV R1 database, it happened on 14.05.2017 on FAST TV - Upcoming adults

Cannot create sessions, because violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_RSCS_DATE_RSC_ID" on table "T_RESOURCE_STATE"
Problematic key value is ("F_RSCS_DATE" = '2017-05-14', "F_RSC_ID" = 19103)
FV-7351 don't propose to upload a F4 database for a f5 booking in support app Resolved 03/10/17 Support No need to propose the F4 database by default in a f5 setup Fixed
FV-7360 Password pop-up keyboard is not working in Kiosk Resolved 17/08/17 Kiosk When you hit alt + F4 to quit the Kiosk, the pop-up keyboard doesn't work Fixed
FV-7407 Remove PERS_TOUCH Resolved 04/08/17 Database Replace it with a clientside, index changed event Fixed
FV-7423 On tab security Resolved 11/08/17 Booking It shows the button and also message "this action is not allowed for user".

Make it disabled if security is on
FV-7450 Property Watcher Resolved 04/08/17 Framework instead of hacking into the indexes, make a nice PropertyWatcher component

more info on code review F5-CR-640
FV-7467 Reservations: Total number of people in one time slot Resolved 16/08/17 Reservations E.g.:

Reservation 1: 8 people 18:00 PM - 18:15 PM
Reservation 2: 2 people 18:00 PM - 18:15 PM

There is no way to see immediately that there are in total 10 people in this time slot.

Can we add a total number in front of the time slot?
Or work with vertical lines indicating 5 people, 10 people, 15 people, ...
FV-7477 Lots of memory used when creating lots of persons Resolved 16/09/17 Framework, TV See for huge chucnks / bottle necks Fixed
FV-7479 Lookup in kiosk can't find anybody, despite his birthday filled in Resolved 30/11/17 Kiosk One other problem we have is in the kiosk, there is a lookup field on birthdate.
When you try to look up a birthdate 16-8-1993 it doesn't find anybody, although there is someone in the database 'CRT Gino'.
FV-7520 Charge me feature not working Resolved 17/09/17 Booking The "charge me" option in Fast 5 Booking is not working.

We did a test : a person buy 10 credits, we book him/her in a race with other 9 drivers and we want to charge to the person with those credits. The product allows to be paid by credits, the person has enough credits, but the system is not charging the credits. Can you take a look at it, please?
FV-7521 OutOfMemoryException in the type initializer for 'GOnline.Common.Helpers.UserFile' Resolved 31/08/17 Booking It happened few times in Marrietta at Saturday and Sunday. On pos 7,8,9. Cannot Reproduce
FV-7524 Sales ticket with CompressCombo=false broken Resolved 11/08/17 Booking It shows only 1 line from the package, but should show all lines Won't Fix
FV-7526 Securities are resetting to defaults in SYS_INIT Resolved 16/09/17 Booking If you'll uncheck some action, for example KIOSK_BILLS, it will come back checked after sys_init, same with data security Fixed
FV-7527 Default security for reservations is wrong Resolved 14/09/17 Booking Employee should be able to edit/view reservations. Fixed
FV-7534 Alias to uppercase Resolved 25/08/17 Kiosk Can we make a setting to transform the entered alias by default to uppercase? So it is the same for all registered members. Maybe also do this for the firstname and lastname.

Update: I've seen there is a casing setting on the field in the kiosk survey, but it doesn't seem to listen to it.
FV-7548 Previous swipe operation was not finished correctly Exception Resolved 17/09/17 Booking, Kiosk 23:37:59.356 InvalidOperationException
23:37:59.356 Previous swipe operation was not finished correctly
23:37:59.356 at GOnline.Funboo.Dal.SoftwareSwipeManager.InternalSwipePersons(Boolean aCheckForMemberships, Person[] aPersons)
at GOnline.Funboo.Dal.SoftwareSwipeManager.SwipePerson(Person aPerson, Boolean aCheckForMemberships)
at GOnline.Funboo.Client.SalesPageDetail.CheckForMemberships()
at GOnline.Funboo.Client.SalesPageDetail.OnCreate()
at GOnline.Controls.UserControl.CallCreate()
at GOnline.Controls.UserControl.OnLoaded(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
FV-7557 Event Sub: change sms-timing logo to client logo Resolved 10/08/17 Web modules Event sub inkart
change big sms-timing logo to inkart logo
put sms-timing logo to bottom right
FV-7584 Refresh translations file from server Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile To update translations now it requires redeployment of mobile app.
We need to make it possible to be downloaded on the fly
FV-7594 IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. Resolved 14/09/17   This is being thrown in the kiosk, tghe only thing with thread there is the camera...

Raygun report has more details about the error

FV-7599 Cannot delete last item from cart Resolved 28/08/17 Mobile, Online booking In online booking, if you have 2+ items in the cart and you try to delete them there is an error when trying to delete last item
FV-7606 Cash Report is not sending on the exact configured time Resolved 14/09/17 Reports The cash report is configured to send at 3am but it starts sending at 3:44am.
I have attached a log file as an example
FV-7614 Default color for reservations Resolved 15/08/17 Booking Can we set a default color for reservations instead of a random color for a reservation? Fixed
FV-7625 Finish or drop LiveResultsScene Resolved 17/09/17 TV Now it is just empty and shows strange yellow rectangle... Won't Do
FV-7667 Upgrader resets manually changed security Resolved 14/09/17 Updater The updater resets the security

people loose custom configurations
FV-7681 Sell non entry products from entry page Resolved 25/08/17 Booking It must be possible to sell non entry products from an entry page.
The entry page must stay open if you tab a non entry product, when you tab an entry product, the page must close.

Requested by Powerarea for the paintball resource.
Then you can sell extra bullets directly from the same screen, now you have to switch resource before you can sell it.
FV-7683 Make a caching service for person pictures Resolved 09/08/17 Mobile Right now there is a lot of calls for person's pictures in backend, i.e. in race stats, in rankings. We need to make a service that will cache the picture by person id to reduce API request amount Fixed
FV-7695 Marshal display tab is not shown until change something in "Positioning client" device Resolved 18/08/17 Positioning, Timing   Fixed
FV-7700 Update WSync backup to handle History in Fast in FB3 Resolved 12/09/17 WSync   Fixed
FV-7704 Raygun with info on variables / parameters Resolved 01/08/17 Framework This was very usefull in smartassembly. We could see the state and value of variables.
Now we don't see much.
FV-7707 Replace cameracontrol with Devexpress cameracontrol Resolved 11/08/17 Framework Fixed
FV-7708 Switch to devexpress 17.x Resolved 10/08/17 Framework   Fixed
FV-7719 OUT OF MEMORY TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'FirebirdSql.Data.Common.IscErrorMessages' threw an exception. Resolved 03/10/17   Looks like the tv is still leaking memory

do some heavy profiling

Raygun report has more details about the error
FV-7721 Disable taskbar function not working in kiosk Resolved 03/10/17 Kiosk The disable taskbar function not working in kiosk. Fixed
FV-7727 Hide start time of the heat on the entry ticket Resolved 07/07/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7728 Hide duration of the heat on the entry ticket Resolved 07/07/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7738 Voided bill should disappear from tab screen and appear in payments as voided Resolved 09/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7740 Get access token and user fields from wechat Resolved 15/08/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7742 Integrate WeChat payments in Booking Resolved 08/09/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7743 Do not ask session setup to select Resolved 15/08/17 Timing In case if 2 or more setups are overlapping, just take first one by sequence. No need to show schedules to select for user. Fixed
FV-7747 BestTimes: company logo top right Resolved 09/11/17 Web modules like center kart facebook Won't Fix
FV-7750 Remove Data aggregation interval from T_DATA_SAMPLE_SETTINGS Resolved 03/10/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7752 Text size is unreadable in resrvations Resolved 12/08/17 Booking !image-2017-07-07-12-46-31-850.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-07-12-46-31-850.png|thumbnail!

make it bigger , or grow it on the next line

It's powerarea
FV-7753 Reservation: schedule not correctly loaded Resolved 14/08/17 Booking Powerarea

They have 2 schedules: week and weekend
week: 13 - 01
weekend: 09 - 01
in reservation overview, the schedule gets loaded, so if you go to a weekend day you see that it starts from 9.
In reservation planner, it does not load the correct schedule (it looks like it loads schedule of current day)
FV-7758 Person was not in s_person Resolved 03/10/17 Booking, Database Go Kart Centralen.
Fixed it by rebuilding s_person.
I made a backup and uploaded on ftp before i made it. (07/08/2017)
Person ID = 14361

But there we also some other persons with the same issue
FV-7760 Build date in software Resolved 10/07/17 Framework it would be so usefull to have a build datetime in the software as well... Fixed
FV-7770 Hide mobile members from kiosk list Resolved 17/11/17 Booking - Hide mobile members from kiosk list. If you scan a empty card now, it also shows all the mobile registrations which doesn't really makes sense. They use a lot of mobile apps, so it's difficult to find the kiosk people fast. Fixed
FV-7778 Doubled tabs Resolved 13/10/17 Booking Sometimes it suddenly shows some tabs double (see screenshot, I saw it live). It was only on 1 PC and restart solved it.
!image-2017-07-11-15-33-13-477.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-11-15-33-13-477.png|thumbnail!
FV-7779 Void tab and pay issue Resolved 09/08/17 Booking Void a tab, add a new bill to this tab (because it doesn't disappear you can add new bills to this tab), you can't pay it anymore because it is greyed out. After a while/clicking around you can pay it again. Fixed
FV-7781 Not possible to create multiple heats in new reservation from day planner Resolved 14/08/17 Booking - Not possible to create multiple heats in new reservation from day planner. When you create a reservation from the reservation screen, you can double click as many heats as you want. If you do it from sales page (with button on top 'create new reservation'), you can't.
You first need to save and close the reservation (clicking apply was not enough) and then reopen it.
FV-7782 Memo tab red when enabling flag in reservations Resolved 12/08/17 Booking Make memo red when enabling flag in reservation, now it only becomes red when you fill a text, not when you check/enable a flag. Fixed
FV-7783 Change flags and image in reservation memo Resolved 24/08/17 Booking Change flags and image in reservation memo. Now the image is on top, so on smaller screens you can't see all flags and this is more important than an image which probably nobody will use Fixed
FV-7785 Add a new bowling heat to a reservation is not clear. Resolved 10/08/17 Booking Add a new bowling heat to a reservation is not clear. You have to right click and press add, we should show a + somewhere at the top or something Cannot Reproduce
FV-7790 Copy product when copy driver. Resolved 24/08/17 Booking Now it doesn't change heat settings when copying a driver in Booking

It never works. For example if you used a product that changed the heat to kid scoregroup, with red color en 6 minutes instead of 8, and you copy this driver to the next heat, it doesn't change this heat settings.

Also requested by Inkart
FV-7791 Block everything doens't work on Windows 10 Resolved 27/10/17 Kiosk The block everything setting doesn't work anymore on the Kiosk on Windows 10.

Reported by Gokartcentralen, Andretti, Kart Center 56
FV-7792 Heats component is not big enough on narrow screens Resolved 09/08/17 Booking Better to make the bill part and driver part a bit narrower and the Heats part bigger since this is the most important. See screenshot. Duplicate
FV-7797 Ask for product when copy/pasting a driver (with setting I guess) Resolved 24/08/17 Booking When you copy/paste a driver now, it just will take the same product. Usually they want a different product (at least different price), so it should ask for a product when pasting.

It works already when it's a package, but not for simple products.

Inwall wants this
FV-7804 partial payment with Credit card stores in database as succeeded Resolved 09/08/17 Booking At powerarea 04-07-2017 22:21

BLPID = 4378616


22:21:26.771 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.BillButtons] GOnline.Controls.Button btnPay GOnline.Controls.Image was clicked.
22:21:26.775 Payment started, Amount=12,78, Name=Person: Babs De Wit, Ids=4271956,4271978,4378529,4378614
22:21:26.803 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.PayController created in new window
22:21:30.314 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Controls.NumPad] GOnline.Controls.Button btn2 2 was clicked.
22:21:30.945 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Controls.NumPad] GOnline.Controls.Button btnpt , was clicked.
22:21:34.986 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Controls.NumPad] GOnline.Controls.Button btn3 3 was clicked.
22:21:35.940 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Controls.NumPad] GOnline.Controls.Button btn0 0 was clicked.
22:21:37.223 [GOnline.Funboo.Client.Booking.PayMethodButtonsList] GOnline.Controls.Button GOnline.Controls.TextBlock was clicked.
22:21:37.226 Payment = Betaalkaart YOMANI, Amount = 2,3
22:21:37.249 [GOnline.Controls.CustomPopupWindow]
22:21:49.343 Payment approved
22:21:49.347 acquirerDiscretionaryData
22:21:49.350 acquirerId 67300110
22:21:49.353 additionalAmount 0
22:21:49.356 authorizationCode 8956M2
22:21:49.359 authorizedAmount 2,3
22:21:49.362 cardBrandName Maestro
22:21:49.365 clientTicket
POI: 50235644
Terminal: R494H5 Merchant: 2065168
Periode: 7186 Transactie: 02000296




Kaart:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1008

Kaartserienummer: 6

Datum: 04/07/2017 22:24

Autorisatiecode: 8956M2

Totaal: 2,30 EUR

Leesmethode: Chip

22:21:49.370 clippedPAN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1008
22:21:49.374 language nl
22:21:49.376 merchantText
22:21:49.380 merchantTicket POI: 50235644
Terminal: R494H5 Merchant: 2065168
Periode: 7186 Transactie: 02000296




Kaart:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1008

Kaartserienummer: 6

Datum: 04/07/2017 22:24

Autorisatiecode: 8956M2

Totaal: 2,30 EUR

Leesmethode: Chip

22:21:49.383 partialApproval False
22:21:49.391 window closed - [GOnline.Controls.CustomPopupWindow]
22:21:49.401 Terminal Cancelled No errorinformation available
22:21:56.128 PayController GOnline.Controls.CancelButton BtnCancel Annuleren was clicked.
FV-7812 Reservation tooltip; more information Resolved 12/08/17 Booking Zoetermeer is asking this.
Show the same information as in Fast 4
!image-2017-07-20-11-33-11-983.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-20-11-33-11-983.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-20-11-35-23-477.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-20-11-35-23-477.png|thumbnail!
FV-7817 Integrate Fiscal device in Fast 5 Resolved 10/08/17 Booking Integrate IFiscalDevice In sales process. Fixed
FV-7819 Make readonly or remove checkbox "Email failed yes or no" on member details Resolved 11/08/17 Fast 4   Won't Fix
FV-7820 Reassign bill: old bill name doesn't dissapear auto Resolved 09/08/17 Booking Seen at Hezemans

When you have a bill and you do reassign, it will make the new one and will put the old one on zero.
The old bill will only disappear when you restart the software.

FV-7822 Show partial payments in payment screen like in F4 Resolved 09/08/17 Booking In Fast 4, when you do already 20 euro with card, it would show it in the payment screen.
So if you do for example 5 split payments, it doesn't show anywhere these payments right now, only the amount still left.

Planet Karting asks for this
FV-7823 Split reservation block in timing (border) Resolved 12/08/17 Timing !image-2017-07-25-17-07-06-825.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-25-17-07-27-671.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-25-17-07-46-373.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-25-17-07-58-918.png|thumbnail!

When they have 3 reservations in the boooking with same color it shows as 1 block.
Is there a possibility to add a border/padding so it is a bit more clear?

FV-7827 automatic membercard printing after registration Resolved 15/08/17 Kiosk print membercard from kiosk for everybody who just registered. Fixed
FV-7829 Sync mx validation with current mailer system Resolved 02/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7841 Add margins to chart viewport Resolved 09/08/17 Mobile Won't Fix
FV-7842 Use Fast5 color scheme for chart series Resolved 31/07/17 Mobile ffe67e22;ffe74c3c;ff1abc9c;ff2ecc71;ff3498db;ff9b59b6;ff34495e;ff95a5a6;fff39c12;ffd35400;ffec8d46;ff9cba5f;ff50acc4;ff8066a0;ffbe5150;ff5182bb;ff3f3f3f;ff7e7c71;ff2c4a07

remove first ff
FV-7843 Handle empty or wrong data for charts Resolved 31/07/17 Mobile If there is no data or bad data (empty partcipant id) show message 'Unable to build charts' Fixed
FV-7845 Remove History database from all parts of software: wsync, support tool, e.t.c Resolved 16/08/17 Database, WSync   Duplicate
FV-7846 NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto. Resolved 18/11/17 server Raygun report has more details about the error

FV-7848 Fix WSync in Support Tool Resolved 13/09/17   Empty local W tables, just download the records from web. Fixed
FV-7851 Pit doesn't show correct heat name when you change it more than once Resolved 01/11/17 Timing On Full Fast 5 system, change the heatname from Booking. It will show in Pit.
Change it again, it doesn't update anymore. Even when you click the heat, it doesn't show.
When you click the heat, it does show the correct name in the top of the driver overview, but not on the left side.
FV-7853 Upsourcehacker crashes when NO reviews are available Resolved 31/07/17   Hi Jiri

When I work really hard and finish all reviews... the build fails because of a null ref when there are no reviews available.
FV-7854 No credit refunded when void driver Resolved 10/08/17 Booking Take person with credits
sell karting product with 1 credit as price
refund the bill (or delete the driver)
software gives the screen for remark and you see it will return +1 credit
click OK
go to member
credit is not added
FV-7855 Consumption page hard to understand Resolved 17/09/17 Booking !image-2017-07-31-16-51-58-925.png|thumbnail!

Seen at gokartcentralen and your karting center (screenshot is YKC)

go to adilet's profile (adi007)
sell him a race
go to consumption
when you sell 1 race there is a quantity of 4 with 4 deposits and -4 deposits, even I don't quite understand.
FV-7857 Do not delete person in VSync if Fast 5 Booking is enabled Resolved 11/08/17 Booking if (IN_CU_ACTIVE = 0) then
delete from T_PERSON P
where P.F_PERS_ID = :OUT_V_ID;
FV-7861 Add company information on sales ticket Resolved 17/09/17 Booking In Peru you can choose to print a normal sales ticket or to print an 'invoice' sales ticket.
When you choose for invoice, it prints out a normal sales ticket like usual, but it includes the company name, tax number and address on it.

There is also a different title on top, for normal sales tickets it says 'Ticket Boleta', for invoice sales tickets it says 'Ticket Factura'.

Can we make an option, when you choose for paymethod invoice (Factura) that we can add a company name, tax number and address on it?

For them this is giganticly important!
FV-7863 Fix blinking go-karts in Positioning display Resolved 05/08/17 Positioning, TV   Fixed
FV-7868 Make personal scoreboard configurable for specific track Resolved 09/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-7869 On tab fields in the grid Resolved 15/08/17 Booking Numbers,

also on ticket show amount and quantity when it's collapsed.
FV-7870 Payments fields in the grid Resolved 08/08/17 Booking Pay person,
Membercard (hidden),
ID -> when tabbed show all bill ids,
number -> show all numbers from tabs,

Show amount and qty in the header of collapsed ticket.
FV-7872 Date Last Race in heat overview Resolved 05/09/17 Booking, Timing Hey everyone,

Powerarea had a request.
When someone races multiple times a day he/she only needs the briefing once that day. To verify this now, they have to go to the persons details and look to the date last raced in his/her history, for each person.

So they asked if it was possible to include a column in the heat overview where the date is shown or maybe a field wich compares this date immediatly with the current and gives a visual representation if the person already raced today. It's not in the column choser yet.

Kind regards,
Steve Dekerf
FV-7874 V_Person not working in updater Resolved 07/08/17 Updater   Fixed
FV-7879 You can't filter/order on PaidUser in payments Resolved 08/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7880 Email address validation wrong Resolved 08/08/17 Kiosk Email address validation is wrong.
For example is not a valid emailaddress according to the kiosk, neither is
FV-7881 Show popup with total places reserved on mouse-over of heat block in Reservation screen Resolved 12/08/17 Reservations Instead of having to add all seperate reservations yourself

Duplicate of FV-7467
FV-7882 Add order field in T_STYLE Resolved 08/08/17 Database   Fixed
FV-7884 The index is already disposed Resolved 01/11/17 Booking This error happens multiple times a day / week at Inkart.
I've attached the log file (example at 15:36:07.832).
FV-7886 IOException: Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier 'C:\Fast\Backup\20170808.7z', car il est en cours d'utilisation par un autre processus. Resolved 07/11/17 Framework Raygun report has more details about the error

Message: IOException: Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier 'C:\Fast\Backup\20170808.7z', car il est en cours d'utilisation par un autre processus.
Won't Fix
FV-7889 Replace birthday picker in event subscription Resolved 10/08/17 Online We have to replace the birthday picker in event subscription.
The current picker resets itself when you switch month or year, so you might have to open it 3 or 4 times before you get your correct birthdate.

The birthdate should also follow the format of the locale, now it is mm-dd-yyyy.
FV-7891 Database Error Ingolstadt Resolved 15/08/17 Database, server Ingolstadt's server is acting weird.
errorcodes in attachement.

no results when:
* restarting firebird
* restarting system

firebird version 2.5.7
Cannot Reproduce
FV-7892 Entry tickets print in random order Resolved 09/08/17 Reports   Fixed
FV-7893 Dynamic styles Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile In container app we need to get styles from backend, save it and use per customer Fixed
FV-7894 dynamic logos Resolved 28/08/17 Mobile In container app we need to get client's logos from server Fixed
FV-7896 Wrong "average amount of people in reservations" counting in BI chart Resolved 09/08/17     Fixed
FV-7897 Change "from"-"till" dates for export in BI Resolved 09/08/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7898 Fix count of showing customers in Locations Resolved 09/08/17 Backend, BI   Fixed
FV-7899 Block heats and package Resolved 25/08/17 Booking if you block 2 heats
for 5 people
and use a package
it will only override the first heat
and the 2nd heat will have these 5 people + still 5 blocked
FV-7900 First show persons, then reservation name Resolved 09/08/17   If your name is too long, it will show 'this is a lo...' so you can't see how many persons are there which is the most important. Fixed
FV-7901 Memberships of a person should listen to the style in PersonOverview in the right top Resolved 09/08/17   !image-2017-08-09-19-39-18-363.png|thumbnail! Fixed
FV-7902 Restart the heat Resolved 10/08/17 Booking Restart the heat from POS with security Fixed
FV-7904 Records created during a write transaction, when the Table is created, arent' refreshed Resolved 10/08/17 Framework If you create a table DURING a write transaction and add records to this table, during the same write transaction, these records didn't get refreshed. Fixed
FV-7907 In Calendar add a button "All time" Resolved 22/08/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7908 Service for condition execution Resolved 18/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7910 DAL for mailing part of database Resolved 14/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7913 Heat grows to 24 hours when start and stop times are in different days Resolved 10/08/17 Booking When Heat starts today, but stops tomorrow, it will grow to 24 hours if you'll book a driver with custom entry type. Fixed
FV-7914 Sales ticket wrong Resolved 11/08/17 Booking the total on the bottom is correct
the rest not
the pack is 1 product of 7 euro with 20% vat and 2 products of 6,5 each with 10% vat
sales ticket is fucked up
at inwall
FV-7916 Show session background in future days in reservation planner (like in Sales screen) Resolved 15/08/17 Reservations   Fixed
FV-7917 Show session lines in color (semi-transparent) of session style in reservation overview Resolved 14/08/17     Fixed
FV-7918 Add position to race session component Resolved 12/08/17 Mobile In the right side of component add person position in that race.
If it's 1-3 place display a tropy like in podium
Otherwise write Pos. <position> (2 lines)
FV-7919 Fix Interval playlists in TV Resolved 11/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-7920 Swap membercards Resolved 14/08/17 Booking When doing card change, if scanned card is already attached to someone, propose to do a swap cards Fixed
FV-7922 Import into reservations Resolved 29/08/17 Booking Be able to import a list into reservation from excel.

all persons will go into system as External.
FV-7923 Can not close Positioning Display. It restarts automatically Resolved 12/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-7924 Video sometimes gets stuck in TV Resolved 12/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-7925 wrong email validation Resolved 14/08/17 Framework i'm really sure, this is a valid email. since is also one Fixed
FV-7926 Remove everyday reports from Positioning reader Resolved 13/08/17     Fixed
FV-7927 Show Product color of Reservation in Reservations planner as line background Resolved 14/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7928 Minors are not deleted with Remove button Resolved 14/08/17     Fixed
FV-7929 Backport T_RESOURCE.F_RSC_ONLINE and T_SCORE_GROUP.F_SCG_ONLINE to stable25 Resolved 15/08/17 Database   Fixed
FV-7931 Unable to complete network request to host " Resolved 07/11/17   When running updater of beta/stable.
After executing SMS_Stop.bat, it works again
Won't Fix
FV-7932 Make bradcaster for positioning data Resolved 16/08/17 Broadcast   Fixed
FV-7933 cash report in office Resolved 24/08/17 Office Show cash report button in office Fixed
FV-7934 Prepare transformations for Firebird3 Resolved 14/08/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7935 Show how many people came from reservation in session block label in Pit like in POS Resolved 16/08/17   For example '2 + 3/15' Duplicate
FV-7937 Block empty kart assignment in quick assign dialog Resolved 14/08/17   So you can just press enter until first empty kart Fixed
FV-7938 Show mobile phone in Reservation detail, unless when it's empty, then show phone Resolved 14/08/17     Fixed
FV-7939 Upgrade mobile app / new "guid" gets kind 3 Resolved 22/08/17 Mobile When you upgrade the mobile app to the latest version, the guid created gets inserted as kind "3" and not as tempguid. Fixed
FV-7940 SynchronizationException: I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "C:\FAST\HISTORY.FDB"Error while trying to open file Resolved 12/09/17 Synchronization Raygun report has more details about the error

Actually, all versions on FB3 don't have a seperate history anymore.
Let me know when you're fixing this, I would love to know where the source is and how to build and deploy a new version.

It doesn't stop anymore, but it alarms raygun
FV-7941 Resource not found => FadeInAnimation in AbstractRenderScene Resolved 15/08/17 TV 14:08:12.347 Exception in thread 1 appthread 1
14:08:12.361 ****************************** exception ******************************
14:08:12.361 ResourceReferenceKeyNotFoundException
14:08:12.361 Bron FadeInAnimation niet gevonden.
14:08:12.361 bij MS.Internal.Helper.FindResourceHelper.DoTryCatchWhen(Object arg)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
14:08:12.361 ****************************** exception ******************************
14:08:12.365 Exception in thread 1 appthread 1
14:08:12.369 ****************************** exception ******************************
14:08:12.369 ResourceReferenceKeyNotFoundException
14:08:12.369 Bron FadeOutAnimation niet gevonden.
14:08:12.369 bij MS.Internal.Helper.FindResourceHelper.DoTryCatchWhen(Object arg)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
FV-7942 Make versioning support in backend Resolved 15/10/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7943 Container app login page Resolved 29/08/17 Mobile Make a page to ligon for container app. Should be the same as login page in current app Fixed
FV-7944 Container app track selection Resolved 05/09/17 Mobile Make track selection page.
It should countain buttons with logos of karting centers that you are logged in already and a floating plus button that will show karting center login page tologin to the new center.

FV-7945 Make deeplinks in mobile app Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile   Fixed
FV-7946 Use features and actions from backend in mobile app Resolved 28/08/17 Mobile Instead of harcoded urls use data from feature service about available features and actions Fixed
FV-7947 Make a directive for checking features and actions Resolved 28/08/17 Mobile   Fixed
FV-7948 Make HttpService work with features and actions Resolved 28/08/17 Mobile   Fixed
FV-7949 Make feature endpoint to get list of available features for the client Resolved 15/08/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7951 locked place doesn't replace by driver when booking combo Resolved 15/08/17 Booking Locked places when using package doesn't override 2nd heat Fixed
FV-7952 StyleEntity is in System security Resolved 15/08/17   Better in Project, that's why most people use it anyway Fixed
FV-7956 Show total persons from reservations in Pit, like in Booking Resolved 16/08/17   Like 2 + 5/15 Fixed
FV-7959 Search member on membercard Resolved 24/10/17 Booking When you search a member on his membercard number, sometimes the results show up as empty, and sometimes you do find someone searching on the same membercard number.

Reported by Inkart and by Xtreme Action Park.

Example provided by Xtreme Action Park:
We are having an issue with our member search function. When we search the card number of a member, it occasionally comes up blank. For example, card number '4,535,680' has the profile for 'Ross Gassman' attached to it. However, when searching that card number, it shows up as blank.
Cannot Reproduce
FV-7960 Gridview / listview in booking page Resolved 25/08/17 Booking Peru wants to have a gridview / listview like we have in Fast 4 Cash, so you can search for products in the shop.

They have a list of 330 products, so adding them all in pages is too much.

The gridview should also be searchable, so you can search for a product.

Attached also the list with products they want to have imported.
FV-7963 Show assets amount in mobile app Resolved 18/11/17 Mobile Show remaining amount of assets (points/credits), money on card in mobile app.
Probably in profile
FV-7965 payments lookup Resolved 17/08/17 Booking Implement lookup by persons (Pay, consume),
product names
FV-7966 Property changed for Translatable fields are not raised properly Resolved 16/09/17 Framework How to reproduce
- Run Booking and Timing
- Subscribe for "ProperyChanged" in Session and look for "Name" changed
- Change heat name in booking first time
- You will get all property changed events in timing
- change heat name second time in Booking
- You will get nothing in timing.
- Run 2 Booking instances
- Subscribe for "ProperyChanged" in Projectand look for "Name" changed
- Open the same reservation on both Booking applications
- Change Reservation name on on of them
- You will not get any property change even on another
FV-7968 Stupid do nothing eye on bills search Resolved 18/08/17 Booking we don't know what it does... Fixed
FV-7972 Performance of overview week / month is really slow Resolved 22/08/17 Booking Open R1 database, go to august 23 and select week...

App hangs a 15 seconds on my laptop

Select month and you're out for a minute
FV-7975 Disable block creation on double click on empty spot in reservations Resolved 21/08/17 Booking Right now it makes reservation block with 3 minutes with random start. This is feature needs to be disabled Fixed
FV-7977 TwoColumnSessionResults doesn't listen to style Resolved 18/08/17 TV Because [~niek] tried to remove duplicates :roll: Fixed
FV-7978 Reservation detail screen crashes when trying to create reservation out of Heats range Resolved 21/08/17 Booking, Reservations   Fixed
FV-7979 Create interfaces for template services Resolved 25/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7980 Create interfaces for sender part Resolved 07/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-7982 If backup folder in settings does not exist - Server starts making infinite backups Resolved 16/09/17 server   Fixed
FV-7983 Booking is crashing on person with birthdate on 29.02. Resolved 22/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7985 Wrong date in "Reports" export Resolved 22/08/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7986 Show information from current month at insights Resolved 22/08/17 BI Make possible to show information from not full (current) month with 'month' agregation interval Fixed
FV-7987 Show how many sessions a person already did today in Pit Resolved 21/08/17 Timing So they know if they have to go to briefing/dressing room again Fixed
FV-7989 Show begin and end time of reservationline on mouse over Resolved 22/08/17 Reservations   Fixed
FV-7992 Kiosk: The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string. Resolved 23/08/17 Kiosk   Fixed
FV-7993 Make endpoints for styles, logos and translations with versions in mobile app backend Resolved 15/10/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7994 Automate Training set size selection for BI forecasting Resolved 23/08/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7995 Member: show second name in members page Resolved 23/08/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7997 Reservation tooltip order lines based on starttime Resolved 24/08/17 Booking !image-2017-08-24-11-15-49-021.png|thumbnail!

it now shows reservation lines based on the order when you added them in the reservation (id).
Change it to order based on starttime.
FV-7998 Make a fix in updater to convert F_IV_LAPS to F_SES_LAPS Resolved 14/09/17 Mobile, Updater In alpha all fast4 fields are gone, which means all race statistics will be gone too.
We need to make a fix to convert old fast 4 data to fast 5 format
FV-8001 Email setups service Resolved 28/08/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8002 product import Resolved 01/09/17 Booking Make a product import in fast 5 Fixed
FV-8003 Group deposits for voids Resolved 22/09/17 Booking !image-2017-08-25-16-13-17-149.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-08-25-16-13-17-149.png|thumbnail!

Right now when user is doing money on card deposit, or money on card withdrawal, and then void it, in the cash report it will show +x amount in deposits, and -x in withdrawals. instead of 0.

We need to add a group field in T_DEPOSIT and populate it with f_dps_id of related deposit.
This way we can group by that field in cash report and make it 0.
FV-8004 Change "participants" to "customers" Resolved 25/08/17 BI Change "participants" to "customers" on the "Total customers and customers from reservations" chart Fixed
FV-8005 Person consumption wrong voids Resolved 31/08/17 Booking There is an issue in person_consumption procedure, it shows voids of products that was never sold. Fixed
FV-8006 Switch off all empty resources in reservations Resolved 29/08/17 Booking In fast4 there was a button to hide all resources for current day that are empty.

It was handy, and users want it in fast5 as well
FV-8007 Removing membership of expired person doesn't work Resolved 28/08/17 Booking When you swipe expired member and give him a licence, you can still remove it from the bill, and sell other products.

This needs to be disabled.
FV-8009 FbException: E_INVALID_PARAMETERIN_PERS_ID = 63000000000487520At block line: 1, col: 188 Resolved 04/09/17 Backend Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8010 InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'. Resolved 04/09/17 Backend Raygun report has more details about the error

Handle null values better for online modules!
FV-8012 middle name field Resolved 28/08/17 Booking Hey guys

Niki from Luddenham asked if she could have a field for the middle name in the persons details page.

Kind regards,
Steve Dekerf
FV-8014 FbException: multiple rows in singleton selectAt block line: 1, col: 235 Resolved 29/08/17 Booking Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8015 ArgumentNullException: Buffer cannot be null.Parameter name: buffer Resolved 29/08/17 Backend Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8016 FbException: violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_TAG_TAG_KIND" on table "T_TAG"Problematic key value is ("F_TAG_TAG" = 'e3eb2947-416e-453d-af8f-4347de946063', "F_TAG_KIND" = 10)At block line: 1, col: 636 Resolved 29/08/17 Backend Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8017 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Resolved 29/08/17 Backend Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8026 Add paging to PitDisplay Resolved 29/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-8027 Add functionality to PitDisplay to show participants from all started heats Resolved 29/08/17 TV   Fixed
FV-8028 save offline survey data with clientkey prefix Resolved 13/09/17 Mobile Now it just saved as survey.json for survey and <questionId>.png for pictures. We need to add clientkey prefix for it. Fixed
FV-8029 Make date selection for online booking Resolved 29/08/17 Mobile, Online booking On timeslot selection page add a datepicker below the header. By default it should be set on today. Minimum date - today. Maximum date will be set by settings later. On date change refresh session list. booking/dayplanner endpoint already has DateTime parameter. Fixed
FV-8031 Email sending service Resolved 04/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8033 Participant target scoregroup relies on fast4 id Resolved 31/08/17 Booking In case if Scoregroup fast4 id = 0 it will not take it from product, which leads to unpredicted scoregroup . Fixed
FV-8035 Social providers getting error in login with code Resolved 05/09/17 Mobile Social providers cannot be given in login with code.
Method "getSocialProvider()" in mobile-social-providers.service doesn't call.
FV-8045 profile page is empty when there was an error receiving profile data Resolved 07/09/17 Mobile !image-2017-09-05-14-24-30-892.png|thumbnail! Fixed
FV-8050 Close bill anyway if card dispeser failed Resolved 06/09/17 Booking, Kiosk   Fixed
FV-8053 Kiosk: Disable auto next page on accepting terms Resolved 06/09/17 Kiosk Inkart (and other clients)

When you accept Terms and Conditions, the software goes to the next page automatically.
Make a setting to disable this.
FV-8055 Online Kiosk: Images wrong resized Resolved 06/09/17 Web modules   Fixed
FV-8056 Enter mailaddress in kiosk that will be removed after registration Resolved 02/10/17 Kiosk Easykart wants an option to enter an emailaddress in the kiosk like '' that will be automatically removed from the person after registration.

Some people really don't have a mailaddress and then they enter, but then we try to send mails to this addres, they bounce and the POS keeps showing a popup 'Email doesn't exist' when you scan this member.
FV-8057 Online calendar: show heats of today and take current time into account Resolved 18/09/17 Web modules The online calendar only takes reservations into account. It should also take the normally booked heats of today into account.

If you already have your heats fully booked for the next 2 hours, the online calender still shows everything green if there was no reservation. It should also show red if the next heats are also fully booked.

Also when it is 16:00 and you are open from 13:00, the online calendar still shows green between 13:00 and 16:00.
FV-8060 t.isFacebook is not a function. (In 't.isFacebook()', 't.isFacebook' is undefined) Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8061 Create endpoint to check how many records are still in W_Tables online Resolved 12/09/17 WSync   Fixed
FV-8464 Drop T_PROJECT_LOG Resolved 20/11/17 Database drop old structure in db Fixed
FV-8465 Check T_PROJECT structure Resolved 20/11/17 Database Add F_US_ID_CREATED, F_DEV2APP_ID_CREATED
FV-8466 Update Updated on project when changing stuff Resolved 20/11/17 Database Project, Schedules, persons, ... Fixed
FV-8468 Create setting ONLINE "CANCEL PENDING RESERVATIONS" Resolved 20/11/17 Database   Fixed
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