Key Summary Status Updated Component Description Resolution
FV-2212 Memo question: rowspan doesn't work Resolved 18/11/17 Kiosk The rowspan of the memo doesn't work: the field doesn't become larger, and it's probably not even a textarea. Won't Fix
FV-5153 NullReferenceException on LicenseDialog Resolved 10/10/17 Framework   Fixed
FV-5192 Card change from intercard to CC not possible Resolved 03/10/17 Fast 4 Extreme fun center wants to free up some cards that have been left behind.

João's idea was to do a card change in the POS from #IC1069 to CC1069.
It's giving an unknown error. (Right now #IC is always added in front of the new card when you want to change from an intercard)

Reported by Sean, Extreme action park
Won't Fix
FV-5256 Search on person memo Resolved 23/10/17 Application Search for person on memo field? Is it possible to make? Fixed
FV-5403 Convert web calendar to Fast 5 Resolved 18/09/17 Web modules   Fixed
FV-5418 Driver not in best times of today Resolved 04/10/17   Easykart had a customer driving one of the best times of today.
On the printout however, the driver didn't show inside the best times of today overview, see attached screenshot.
FV-5419 Bug with permissions in Botox database Resolved 04/10/17 Botox I am trying to execute this on webserver 5 with default user from DatabaseHelper (see errors in attached file)

execute block
returns (
OUT_IS_BI_READY smallint)
OUT_IS_BI_READY = iif(exists(select 1
Won't Fix
FV-5432 Convert fast4 Report Groups to Fast 5 Product Group Resolved 07/11/17 Booking Report groups from Fast4 needs to be converted to a top-level product groups in Fast5 Won't Fix
FV-5765 You can't drag and drop participants into a team Resolved 17/09/17 Timing You have to double click them and then select the team. Fixed
FV-5812 Page editor doesn't work properly Resolved 27/10/17 Booking, Configurator Product pages are hard to set up. After each product you have to restart the software :)
Products disappear, ... weird stuff

I was using the drag and drup method of adding products and combos.
Using the double click + selecting products from the list it seems to work quite well.
FV-5889 "add" button crashes software in ControllerLookupEdit Resolved 07/11/17 Booking, Framework PersonLookupEdit in ReservationDetail Fixed
FV-5927 Entry Products are converted to wrong resource Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization When you have 2 resources, all products from the seconds resource will have the first resource as resource ID on their entry product (since a entry product doesn't have a resource in F4 I guess) so they don't show in the POS. Fixed
FV-5928 Products are converted to wrong entry product Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization For example in Jerez, all products were converted to an entry product with a 10 min duration and custom setup enabled, while it should be 8. Anyway, products shouldn't have the 'custom session setup' enabled anyway (unless maybe the scoregroup is overridden in F4) Fixed
FV-5929 Package lines are incorrectly merged when converting to Fast5 Resolved 27/10/17 Synchronization For example, if you have in F4 2 different packages with the same product Qualification.
In Package 1 you override it with 10 minutes duration, and in Package 2 with 15 minutes duration. They will be merged into the same entry product in F5.
FV-6112 Layout changes are gone after update Resolved 29/09/17   When you change the screen layout, save it as default and then do an update, the layout is reset to the default one.

Gokarting.DK reported this.
FV-6153 Reservations advance search Resolved 15/11/17 Booking, Database Availability to search on Reservation Name/Memo/Status Fixed
FV-6355 Fix "Expired membership" screen Resolved 17/09/17 Kiosk   Fixed
FV-6563 Modifier shows wrong window when it configured with memberships Resolved 17/09/17 Kiosk it opens a booking window instead of kiosk styled one. Fixed
FV-6568 YKC: 'Book now' not working Resolved 15/11/17 Online booking Your Karting Center:

When pressing 'Book now', an error message appears.
(Related to Resengo?)
Won't Do
FV-6597 Handle URI scheme inside app Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile We can handle specific links from our app. For example, if you're loggin in with e-mail, you open it from device and click on the link, it should open app and handle authorization from this link (the old app did this)
Another usefull example is for onine booking: we can share a link with frineds so they can join to your reservation
FV-6667 Just show membership product on page Resolved 17/09/17 Booking Ecodrom would like the option to hide a membership product on "new member" and renewal pages. And just show it on a specific page where it has been configured.

This is really important!
At a lot of karting tracks they have a lot of renewal products, which are visible when you try to add a new member. This becomes very confusing and hard to work with.
FV-6724 Make cleanup procedure for online booking Resolved 20/11/17 Booking, Mobile, Online booking We need to cleanup open bills and reservations connected to it.
Should be a setting like after what time it needs to be cleaned up.

In T_PROJECT you need to add new field - last update time (last action time). We will update this field every time person adds something to reservation or when he starts payment.
You need to look for reservations with state Pending online (-100) and Start payment (-101).
This reservations should have a *open* bill. If last update time is more then allowed, reservation should be cancelled and bill closed.
FV-6814 Show two days on online calender Resolved 06/09/17 Web modules For example: if today is Wed, the calendar will show from Wed to Thursday. Incomplete
FV-6815 Lapo shutdown remote Resolved 07/11/17 Timing The lapo shutdown remote deactivates itself and they have to activate it again in device settings. Won't Fix
FV-6926 Architecture of new central system Resolved 16/10/17 Post Office It pretends to include mail, sms, push and social networks messaging.
It has to manage lists of recipients. (bounced, complains, unsubscribes and some querying to get sublists)
It has to manage accounts of different systems using. (SMTP accounts, perhaps mailchimp etc.).
Should it be able to prepare message template?
It has to give access to control processes of sending. (so we will be able to stop or start some process)
It has to be able to communicate with all our mail system.
It has to give to us some statistics.
FV-7002 Page is always dirty Resolved 27/10/17 Configurator It is very annoying that page detail is always dirty, even though you didn't touch anything Fixed
FV-7029 Be able to link existing person to a user Resolved 14/11/17 Booking, Configurator It's not possible right now, you need to have a person linked.

But on installation first we register staff in kiosk and give them a card, but users configuration is usually happening later, which leads to double persons in the database.
FV-7104 IOException: The process cannot access the file 'C:\FAST\Backup\20170418.7z' because it is being used by another process. Resolved 05/10/17   Raygun report has more details about the error

This can be because of a few things.

Maybe we cannot share the file with multiple users. For example Client A is downloading it already when we're calcing the crc.
More likely is though that while we're zipping, we don't work with a tempfile and the "proper" file already exists, DURING the process of zipping.
We should zip it in a tempfile and then rename it
FV-7137 Make all icons decent Size and Style Resolved 07/11/17 Framework Do this together with Maarten Fixed
FV-7161 Icons doesn't make any sence Resolved 17/09/17 Framework !image-2017-04-27-11-20-06-286.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-06-286.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-28-819.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-04-27-11-20-28-819.png|thumbnail!

before it was expand - collapse button
FV-7163 Use check results for mailing Resolved 08/09/17 Post Office They store in t_address_check. Fixed
FV-7172 Server memberpics PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_PERS_IV_ID" Resolved 14/09/17 server In Power area. Happened at 27.04.2017.
Database is uploaded to FTP

15:08:24.877 violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_PERS_IV_ID" on table "T_PERSON"
Problematic key value is ("F_IV_ID" = 20489)
15:08:24.877 bij FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
bij GOnline.Common.Command.<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<ExecuteConcurrentNonQuery>b__0()
bij GOnline.Common.Command.RetryHelper[TResult](Func`1 aCommandAction, Int32 aRetriesOnConcurrentUpdate)
bij GOnline.Common.Command.ExecuteConcurrentNonQuery(FbCommand aCommand, Int32 aRetriesOnConcurrentUpdate)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.MemberPictures.<>c__DisplayClass12_0.<ConvertTempMember>b__0(FbCommand cmd)
bij GOnline.Common.Helpers.DatabaseHelper.InternalOpenCommand(FbConnection aConnection, TransactionMode aMode, Action`1 aCommand)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.MemberPictures.ConvertTempMember(IEnumerable`1 aIds)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Server.Server.ConvertTempPicture(ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aQuestion, ProtocolStream aAnswer)
bij GOnline.Common.FastMessenger.Server.RunMethod(ActionHandler aMethod, ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aQuestion, ProtocolStream aAnswer)
bij GOnline.Common.FastMessenger.Server.HandleRequest(ServerClient`3 aClient, ProtocolStream aBuffer, Nullabl
Won't Fix
FV-7189 "Upload finished popup" hides behind the Fast Support tool Resolved 27/10/17 Framework, Support When you deploy Wsync and the database upload is done, the popup window that says "upload done" hides behind the support tool. Fixed
FV-7281 MOD_CALENDAR_RESERVATIONS Resolved 18/09/17 Web modules VAR_ONLINE_PUBLIC is not initialized, but it is used and thus will always be wrong. Fixed
FV-7311 Fast 4 Pos doesn't change Pers Cat Resolved 14/09/17 Conversion 4 - V, fast4 We just noticed that our cleanup procedure which deletes unused registrations also deletes all mobile registrations in fast 5 for fast4 pos.

I think it's happening because F_PERSC_ID stays the same -4 after sell in fast 4, and after 4 days they got deleted from fast5.
Won't Fix
FV-7351 don't propose to upload a F4 database for a f5 booking in support app Resolved 03/10/17 Support No need to propose the F4 database by default in a f5 setup Fixed
FV-7477 Lots of memory used when creating lots of persons Resolved 16/09/17 Framework, TV See for huge chucnks / bottle necks Fixed
FV-7479 Lookup in kiosk can't find anybody, despite his birthday filled in Resolved 30/11/17 Kiosk One other problem we have is in the kiosk, there is a lookup field on birthdate.
When you try to look up a birthdate 16-8-1993 it doesn't find anybody, although there is someone in the database 'CRT Gino'.
FV-7520 Charge me feature not working Resolved 17/09/17 Booking The "charge me" option in Fast 5 Booking is not working.

We did a test : a person buy 10 credits, we book him/her in a race with other 9 drivers and we want to charge to the person with those credits. The product allows to be paid by credits, the person has enough credits, but the system is not charging the credits. Can you take a look at it, please?
FV-7526 Securities are resetting to defaults in SYS_INIT Resolved 16/09/17 Booking If you'll uncheck some action, for example KIOSK_BILLS, it will come back checked after sys_init, same with data security Fixed
FV-7527 Default security for reservations is wrong Resolved 14/09/17 Booking Employee should be able to edit/view reservations. Fixed
FV-7548 Previous swipe operation was not finished correctly Exception Resolved 17/09/17 Booking, Kiosk 23:37:59.356 InvalidOperationException
23:37:59.356 Previous swipe operation was not finished correctly
23:37:59.356 at GOnline.Funboo.Dal.SoftwareSwipeManager.InternalSwipePersons(Boolean aCheckForMemberships, Person[] aPersons)
at GOnline.Funboo.Dal.SoftwareSwipeManager.SwipePerson(Person aPerson, Boolean aCheckForMemberships)
at GOnline.Funboo.Client.SalesPageDetail.CheckForMemberships()
at GOnline.Funboo.Client.SalesPageDetail.OnCreate()
at GOnline.Controls.UserControl.CallCreate()
at GOnline.Controls.UserControl.OnLoaded(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
FV-7584 Refresh translations file from server Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile To update translations now it requires redeployment of mobile app.
We need to make it possible to be downloaded on the fly
FV-7594 IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. Resolved 14/09/17   This is being thrown in the kiosk, tghe only thing with thread there is the camera...

Raygun report has more details about the error

FV-7606 Cash Report is not sending on the exact configured time Resolved 14/09/17 Reports The cash report is configured to send at 3am but it starts sending at 3:44am.
I have attached a log file as an example
FV-7625 Finish or drop LiveResultsScene Resolved 17/09/17 TV Now it is just empty and shows strange yellow rectangle... Won't Do
FV-7667 Upgrader resets manually changed security Resolved 14/09/17 Updater The updater resets the security

people loose custom configurations
FV-7719 OUT OF MEMORY TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'FirebirdSql.Data.Common.IscErrorMessages' threw an exception. Resolved 03/10/17   Looks like the tv is still leaking memory

do some heavy profiling

Raygun report has more details about the error
FV-7721 Disable taskbar function not working in kiosk Resolved 03/10/17 Kiosk The disable taskbar function not working in kiosk. Fixed
FV-7742 Integrate WeChat payments in Booking Resolved 08/09/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-7747 BestTimes: company logo top right Resolved 09/11/17 Web modules like center kart facebook Won't Fix
FV-7750 Remove Data aggregation interval from T_DATA_SAMPLE_SETTINGS Resolved 03/10/17 BI   Fixed
FV-7758 Person was not in s_person Resolved 03/10/17 Booking, Database Go Kart Centralen.
Fixed it by rebuilding s_person.
I made a backup and uploaded on ftp before i made it. (07/08/2017)
Person ID = 14361

But there we also some other persons with the same issue
FV-7770 Hide mobile members from kiosk list Resolved 17/11/17 Booking - Hide mobile members from kiosk list. If you scan a empty card now, it also shows all the mobile registrations which doesn't really makes sense. They use a lot of mobile apps, so it's difficult to find the kiosk people fast. Fixed
FV-7778 Doubled tabs Resolved 13/10/17 Booking Sometimes it suddenly shows some tabs double (see screenshot, I saw it live). It was only on 1 PC and restart solved it.
!image-2017-07-11-15-33-13-477.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-07-11-15-33-13-477.png|thumbnail!
FV-7791 Block everything doens't work on Windows 10 Resolved 27/10/17 Kiosk The block everything setting doesn't work anymore on the Kiosk on Windows 10.

Reported by Gokartcentralen, Andretti, Kart Center 56
FV-7818 Do not shrink heat blocks if duration is less than a block length Resolved 19/10/17 Booking !image-2017-07-25-09-23-28-622.png|thumbnail!

otherwise you will have unreadable heats if the race is 3 min..

Maybe make a setting?
Won't Fix
FV-7846 NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto. Resolved 18/11/17 server Raygun report has more details about the error

FV-7848 Fix WSync in Support Tool Resolved 13/09/17   Empty local W tables, just download the records from web. Fixed
FV-7851 Pit doesn't show correct heat name when you change it more than once Resolved 01/11/17 Timing On Full Fast 5 system, change the heatname from Booking. It will show in Pit.
Change it again, it doesn't update anymore. Even when you click the heat, it doesn't show.
When you click the heat, it does show the correct name in the top of the driver overview, but not on the left side.
FV-7855 Consumption page hard to understand Resolved 17/09/17 Booking !image-2017-07-31-16-51-58-925.png|thumbnail!

Seen at gokartcentralen and your karting center (screenshot is YKC)

go to adilet's profile (adi007)
sell him a race
go to consumption
when you sell 1 race there is a quantity of 4 with 4 deposits and -4 deposits, even I don't quite understand.
FV-7861 Add company information on sales ticket Resolved 17/09/17 Booking In Peru you can choose to print a normal sales ticket or to print an 'invoice' sales ticket.
When you choose for invoice, it prints out a normal sales ticket like usual, but it includes the company name, tax number and address on it.

There is also a different title on top, for normal sales tickets it says 'Ticket Boleta', for invoice sales tickets it says 'Ticket Factura'.

Can we make an option, when you choose for paymethod invoice (Factura) that we can add a company name, tax number and address on it?

For them this is giganticly important!
FV-7884 The index is already disposed Resolved 01/11/17 Booking This error happens multiple times a day / week at Inkart.
I've attached the log file (example at 15:36:07.832).
FV-7886 IOException: Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier 'C:\Fast\Backup\20170808.7z', car il est en cours d'utilisation par un autre processus. Resolved 07/11/17 Framework Raygun report has more details about the error

Message: IOException: Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier 'C:\Fast\Backup\20170808.7z', car il est en cours d'utilisation par un autre processus.
Won't Fix
FV-7893 Dynamic styles Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile In container app we need to get styles from backend, save it and use per customer Fixed
FV-7931 Unable to complete network request to host " Resolved 07/11/17   When running updater of beta/stable.
After executing SMS_Stop.bat, it works again
Won't Fix
FV-7940 SynchronizationException: I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "C:\FAST\HISTORY.FDB"Error while trying to open file Resolved 12/09/17 Synchronization Raygun report has more details about the error

Actually, all versions on FB3 don't have a seperate history anymore.
Let me know when you're fixing this, I would love to know where the source is and how to build and deploy a new version.

It doesn't stop anymore, but it alarms raygun
FV-7942 Make versioning support in backend Resolved 15/10/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7945 Make deeplinks in mobile app Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile   Fixed
FV-7958 Flags not saving for new customers Resolved 02/11/17 Booking When you create a new person and you immediatelly check some customer person flags, they do not get saved to the database.
When you open the person again afterwards, the flags are unchecked again.
FV-7959 Search member on membercard Resolved 24/10/17 Booking When you search a member on his membercard number, sometimes the results show up as empty, and sometimes you do find someone searching on the same membercard number.

Reported by Inkart and by Xtreme Action Park.

Example provided by Xtreme Action Park:
We are having an issue with our member search function. When we search the card number of a member, it occasionally comes up blank. For example, card number '4,535,680' has the profile for 'Ross Gassman' attached to it. However, when searching that card number, it shows up as blank.
Cannot Reproduce
FV-7962 Optimize reservation search Resolved 15/11/17 Booking At the moment, you cannot search reservations in the future. You can only search reservations per day. Example if today is 17/08 and i make a reservation with name "test" for the 20/08 and then later in the day i try to search for this reservation "test" it returns no results. Fixed
FV-7963 Show assets amount in mobile app Resolved 18/11/17 Mobile Show remaining amount of assets (points/credits), money on card in mobile app.
Probably in profile
FV-7966 Property changed for Translatable fields are not raised properly Resolved 16/09/17 Framework How to reproduce
- Run Booking and Timing
- Subscribe for "ProperyChanged" in Session and look for "Name" changed
- Change heat name in booking first time
- You will get all property changed events in timing
- change heat name second time in Booking
- You will get nothing in timing.
- Run 2 Booking instances
- Subscribe for "ProperyChanged" in Projectand look for "Name" changed
- Open the same reservation on both Booking applications
- Change Reservation name on on of them
- You will not get any property change even on another
FV-7982 If backup folder in settings does not exist - Server starts making infinite backups Resolved 16/09/17 server   Fixed
FV-7993 Make endpoints for styles, logos and translations with versions in mobile app backend Resolved 15/10/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-7998 Make a fix in updater to convert F_IV_LAPS to F_SES_LAPS Resolved 14/09/17 Mobile, Updater In alpha all fast4 fields are gone, which means all race statistics will be gone too.
We need to make a fix to convert old fast 4 data to fast 5 format
FV-8003 Group deposits for voids Resolved 22/09/17 Booking !image-2017-08-25-16-13-17-149.png|thumbnail! !image-2017-08-25-16-13-17-149.png|thumbnail!

Right now when user is doing money on card deposit, or money on card withdrawal, and then void it, in the cash report it will show +x amount in deposits, and -x in withdrawals. instead of 0.

We need to add a group field in T_DEPOSIT and populate it with f_dps_id of related deposit.
This way we can group by that field in cash report and make it 0.
FV-8028 save offline survey data with clientkey prefix Resolved 13/09/17 Mobile Now it just saved as survey.json for survey and <questionId>.png for pictures. We need to add clientkey prefix for it. Fixed
FV-8036 Timedout messages processing Resolved 23/11/17 Post Office   Duplicate
FV-8037 Message bounced processing Resolved 20/11/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8038 Unsubscribes processing Resolved 16/10/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8039 Duplicates processing Resolved 07/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8040 Template validation Resolved 18/09/17 Post Office Save plain text on template saving.
Use Html validation.
FV-8044 Periodic mx validation worker Resolved 06/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8052 Change address checks in new structure Resolved 07/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8056 Enter mailaddress in kiosk that will be removed after registration Resolved 02/10/17 Kiosk Easykart wants an option to enter an emailaddress in the kiosk like '' that will be automatically removed from the person after registration.

Some people really don't have a mailaddress and then they enter, but then we try to send mails to this addres, they bounce and the POS keeps showing a popup 'Email doesn't exist' when you scan this member.
FV-8057 Online calendar: show heats of today and take current time into account Resolved 18/09/17 Web modules The online calendar only takes reservations into account. It should also take the normally booked heats of today into account.

If you already have your heats fully booked for the next 2 hours, the online calender still shows everything green if there was no reservation. It should also show red if the next heats are also fully booked.

Also when it is 16:00 and you are open from 13:00, the online calendar still shows green between 13:00 and 16:00.
FV-8060 t.isFacebook is not a function. (In 't.isFacebook()', 't.isFacebook' is undefined) Resolved 15/10/17 Mobile Raygun report has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8061 Create endpoint to check how many records are still in W_Tables online Resolved 12/09/17 WSync   Fixed
FV-8062 Cache settings Resolved 08/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8063 Add alternateViews and tag header in mail message Resolved 11/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8064 Make backend.mailing.common nuget package Resolved 12/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8065 Add Payment method per day to BI Resolved 11/09/17 BI Be able to see how much a certain payment method is being used per day, month, ... both relative and absolute values. Won't Do
FV-8066 Different schedule kinds for different 'opening hours' Resolved 20/10/17 Booking Schedule kinds
Normal (heatblocks locally)
Online Booking
Web Calendar

So we can configure different opening hours for each schedule kind, the client wants heatblocks from 08:00 until 02:00 but is only open from 12:00 until 23:00. (normal and web calendar)
Won't Fix
FV-8067 Create "Deposit on card" report Resolved 08/09/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-8070 Race report Resolved 18/09/17 Booking Create race report for every day races.

example attached
FV-8071 Add something to an open bill => double lines in payments Resolved 27/09/17 Booking Open a bill on tab, add some drivers to bill and pay it => it shows twice in payments. Fixed
FV-8073 No history on t_resource_extra Resolved 12/09/17 Database irritating, since now I can't see why WSync might have failed Fixed
FV-8075 Unsubscribe action on server Resolved 18/09/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8076 Downloading unsubscribes from server Resolved 14/10/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8082 DBConnect trigger on database Resolved 14/09/17 Database I think I should get rid of these database triggers...

2017-09-14T07:47:13.5630 (5764:0000000001F2D9E8) EXECUTE_TRIGGER_FINISH
561 ms, 10 read(s), 111 fetch(es)

Table Natural Index Update Insert Delete Backout Purge Expunge
FV-8083 Make license check for mobile app in backend Resolved 15/10/17 Backend, Mobile   Won't Do
FV-8084 Disable indices before datapump Resolved 16/09/17 BI all indices in bi db should be disabled before datapump Fixed
FV-8085 Disabled Location services and fill up on server Resolved 14/09/17 Database The Z tables should not be filled up.
they will be ignored on the server anyway
FV-8086 Make new version for GetLaps and GetParticipants in RaceStatistics service Resolved 25/09/17 Backend, Mobile   Fixed
FV-8087 Remove T_PAR2RNO_TOUCH_PAR_INS Resolved 14/09/17 Database   Fixed
FV-8088 Triggers on Participant and Session are still reacting while data is synced Resolved 14/09/17 Database These triggers shouldn't do anything during synchronization. Fixed
FV-8089 a lot of pictures with no pers_id, only fast4 ids in bulk Resolved 16/09/17 Database Look at xtreme action park.
maybe these can go?
FV-8093 Performance issues in MOD_TRACK_RECORDS and PAR_SCORE_TOP Resolved 15/09/17 Database these methods pop up a lot in the trace on webservers Fixed
FV-8095 Manually change the style of 1 heat => All heats change Resolved 25/09/17 Booking You need to quickly switch resource/screen to see it. Fixed
FV-8097 Show inactive users when editing a reservation Resolved 29/09/17     Fixed
FV-8098 Implement contracts in client part Resolved 21/10/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8099 Make export for vouchers Resolved 16/09/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-8100 Create vouchers overview screen Resolved 16/09/17 Booking   Fixed
FV-8102 Integrate accelerometer in Sewio Resolved 17/09/17 Positioning   Fixed
FV-8104 WSync upgrader Resolved 07/11/17 Framework The current way of upgrading WSync is too error prone. It fails too often and it doesn't allow me to upgrade structures online without breaking the next upgrade. Also multi-sync will not succeed.

I propose to make an additional WSync_5_17_09_17_1017.7z file.
Inside this 7z we have the "upgrader.exe" tool, the structure of fast and bulk.

This file gets stored somewhere, on the nas or the ftp, so that the backend can access it without too much security breach.

When we're done upgrading the client, the client sends a "upgrade 5_17_09_17_1017" to the backend. The backend then takes care of this upgrade. In theory we can actually start upgrading the backend when we start with the client side process.

This is also a solution for multisync upgrades. We can first upgrade the backend (manually, just unzip in that folder and run the exe) and only then upgrade the clients.
FV-8105 Remove WSync logic from upgrader tool Resolved 17/09/17   Remove all existing WSync from the upgrader Fixed
FV-8106 Implement backend method Resolved 01/12/17   A backend method is needed that

in => ClientKey, Version

do => Find upgrader file and run it on the correct database

out => success or failure
Won't Fix
FV-8107 extend version number with build number Resolved 10/10/17   Mobile development would like to have a build number somewhere.

maybe we can extend the current version with HHMM.

I would store this build number inside a different field on T_FUNBOO, to prevent too many breaking changes. Mobile development can then get a version number like

YYYYMMDDHHMM or in case the field is absent YYYYMMDD0000

Fast can still continue with the existing logic.
The version number should be clearly visible somewhere though. In teamcity or something?
FV-8108 Assembler should make WSYNC_YYYYMMDDHHMM.7z Resolved 23/10/17   the assembler tool should make another upgrade file, especially for WSYNC

the name can be WSYNC_Version + build


should be included in this file.
FV-8109 Clean up WSync upgraders at version switch Closed 19/10/17   When we switch versions, all "old" wsync upgrade files can be removed from the server Won't Do
FV-8111 Show product on kart assignment screen doesn't work with combos Resolved 27/09/17     Fixed
FV-8112 Recreate Architecture to make three upgraders Resolved 04/10/17 Framework One for Client, WSync and Development Fixed
FV-8115 Batch update/create records in server Resolved 19/10/17 Post Office   Duplicate
FV-8122 Best times show under Average in Profile, best times is empty Resolved 27/09/17     Fixed
FV-8125 Anonymize data method Resolved 21/09/17 Database Method to anonymize data for statistical usage or new European law Fixed
FV-8129 Highlight registrations that was made today Resolved 27/09/17 Booking In fast4 it shows all today's reservations highlighted.
Also already touched persons
FV-8130 Generation unsubscribe link for message Resolved 19/10/17 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8132 Print vehicle report for all karts in garage Resolved 16/10/17 Garage, Timing At the moment, you can only print vehicle report for on kart. Possible to print vehicle report for all karts or selected karts. Won't Do
FV-8140 Execute requires the Command object to have a Transaction Resolved 18/11/17 Framework 12:48:35.094 Database exception Execute requires the Command object to have a Transaction object when the Connection object assigned to the command is in a pending local transaction. The Transaction property of the Command has not been initialized.
12:48:35.108 Exception in thread 1 appthread 1
12:48:35.121 ****************************** exception ******************************
12:48:35.121 InvalidOperationException
12:48:35.121 Execute requires the Command object to have a Transaction object when the Connection object assigned to the command is in a pending local transaction. The Transaction property of the Command has not been initialized.
12:48:35.121 ThreadId = 1
12:48:35.121 bij FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbCommand.CheckCommand()
bij FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.FbCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterCore.RawCallActionStoredProcedure(DbCommand command)
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterBase.<>n__25(DbCommand command)
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterBase.<>c__DisplayClass26_0.<RawCallActionStoredProcedure>b__0()
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterBase.ExecuteWithActiveRecoveryStrategy[T](Func`1 toExecute)
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterBase.RawCallActionStoredProcedure(DbCommand command)
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.DataAccessAdapterCore.CallActionStoredProcedure(String storedProcedureToCall, DbParameter[] parameters)
bij SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.StoredProcedureCall.Call()
bij GOnline.Funboo.Dal.DatabaseSpecific.ActionProcedures.LicAlive(ApplicationKind inAppKind, Int64& outVersion, LicenseResult& outGranted, IDataAccessCore dataAccessProvider)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Dal.Context.<>c__DisplayClass131_0.<InternalSseAlive>b__0(IDatabaseConnection db)
bij GOnline.Common.Dal.AbstractContext.DbDo(TransactionMode aTransactionMode, Action`1 aCodeToRun)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Dal.Context.InternalSseAlive(LicenseResult& aGranted)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Dal.Context.Alive()
bij GOnline.Funboo.Dal.Context.PerformMaintenance(DateTime aNow)
bij GOnline.Funboo.Client.App.<StartMaintenanceTimer>b__46_0()
bij GOnline.Common.FixedIntervalDispatcherTimer.OnTick()
bij GOnline.Common.DispatcherTimer.DispatcherTimer_Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
bij System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherTimer.FireTick(Object unused)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
bij System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
12:48:35.121 ****************************** exception ******************************
Cannot Reproduce
FV-8464 Drop T_PROJECT_LOG Resolved 20/11/17 Database drop old structure in db Fixed
FV-8465 Check T_PROJECT structure Resolved 20/11/17 Database Add F_US_ID_CREATED, F_DEV2APP_ID_CREATED
FV-8466 Update Updated on project when changing stuff Resolved 20/11/17 Database Project, Schedules, persons, ... Fixed
FV-8468 Create setting ONLINE "CANCEL PENDING RESERVATIONS" Resolved 20/11/17 Database   Fixed
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