Number Component Description
 2153 Framework New application to make supports life easier
 4342 Timing New report for Timing "The startgrid"
 4516 POS

Intercard debit card payment systems integration.

 4519 POS Swedisch Fiscal Blackbox integration
 4573 Timing Support RIMO shutdown system
 4603 Appserver Rewrote appserver to become a fast 5 application
 4637 POS Happy hour memberships allow you to give special discounts on any timeframe desired
Number Component Description
 4502 Timing Personal overview report is now multipage to support more then 200 laps
 4503 Timing Personal overview report now shows the position during the laps
 4525 Timing Personal overview highlights maximum laptime violations
 4530  Timing Sector timing now also supports multiple different decoders and systems
 4532 Positioning New track now automatically learns his left and right borders
 4542 Framework All printout have an optimized initialization routine to increase performance during printing
  All Huge code cleanup to remove duplicate code 
 4576 Upgrader Increased speed of upgrade routine by 20%
 4579 Timing Reduce the printout size to increase performance
 4581 Ledboard Allows you to position it in different areas of the screen and remove windows title bar
 4601 Database Store MAC address in database to enable "wake on lan"
Number Component Description
 4460 Timing Printouts might generate a second empty page for fully booked heats
 4525 Upgrade Application settings might get dropped after an update
 4531 TV Performance drop in new TV when sorting was on last passing
 4596 TV IN-OUT animations for TV background didn't start at the same time
 4635 POS Negative bill amount didn't print ticket
 4636 POS Negative amount wasn't support in the pay dialog
 4646 Timing Personal report crash when multiple members had the same alias

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