How to add a decoder in Fast 4 Timing

To add a decoder you will have to start the:
Fast_Racing_Management software.

1. Click on the button 'Hardware'

2. Click on the + icon as shown above.

3. Now the list with all the possible hardware supported will open.
4. Choose your decoder here and click 'OK'.

5. Now a new screen will open. Where you have to fill in in which com-port the hardware is connected,
or which IP address you need to connect with, in case the device works over the network.

When you want that the device automatically opens as soon the software starts, you have to enable the "Open on startup" checkbox.


6. Now the device is added to the software, the first time when you added a new device, you have to activate it. You can do this by right clicking on the device, after you added it, and then choose the option: 'Activate a device'


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