How to create a final with the best drivers from multiple heats

When you want to create a final with the best drivers from multiple heats, you go to the "Grand Prix" tab in the Timing software, located in the top menu bar. Make sure the qualification heats are all finished before you do this, because you can only select drivers from finished heats.


The Grand Prix tab will open. On the left and the right side you can see all the heats of today. On the left side you navigate to the qualifying heats. You can also look for heats in the past by pressing the "Change date" button. When you found the qualifying heats, double click them to add them to the middle screen. You can add multiple heats to combine the best drivers of these heats.


Now all the drivers are added in the middle of the screen. At the top you have some filter options (if you want to show only drivers with a time faster than 30 seconds for example) and the possibility to assign the same karts for the race as for the qualification with the "Transfer vehicles" button. If a driver did the qualify with Kart 4 for example, he will get the same kart for the final.

There's also a way to sort the drivers. By default they get sorted on best time. When the qualification was on most laps, you can select most laps and they will get sorted by most laps. When they are in the right order, you can select the drivers for the final by clicking the first one, holding the SHIFT button and then click the last driver you want to select. After that you start dragging them to the heat on the right side of the screen, this will be the final.


If you want to make a second final for the slower drivers, you can select them and drag them into another heat on the right. After you dragged all desired drivers to the heats on the right, you can go back to the "Timing" tab and start those races there.

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