Solving printed timing grid different then preview layout

This happens because you have a saved layout for your printer and it is different than your current layout on screen. To be able to see the same layout for printer as in grid, you need to do:

1. Right click on a timing grid

2. Select Layout -> Reset printer layout



In case if the button 'Reset printer layout' is disabled and you still have different layouts from the printer, then you need to do following steps:

1. Right click on a timing grid

2. Select Layout -> Load layout from file.

In the file dialog you’ll see all saved layout files. You need to find a file with extension *.printer.lay. Printer layout file for timing grid should have name like GOnline.Funboo.Client.RaceParticipantList.printer.lay

3. Delete this file by right clicking on it and right click and delete and you’ll have your printer layout restored to default.


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