How to change speeds of a go-kart

There are free kinds of speeds: Active speed, Maximum speed and Unlocked speed

Active speed

It is a current speed of the driver.
Ways to change:
1) From Timing Screen


2) From Garage screen


3) Automatically if a go-kart crashes/uncrashes or entering/exiting crash zone. Uncrashes and exiting crash zone reset Active speed to Unlocked speed

4) Automatically after activation/deactivation of Emergency mode

Note: If you changed a speed of the go-kart using the remove – it will NOT be displayed in the system.

Unlocked speed

It is a maximum speed of the driver on the current stage of the race. Unlocked speed can’t be bigger than Maximum speed.

Ways to change:
1) Automatically after the crossing of speed unlock/end of the race loops.
2) Automatically after the start/finish of the race

Maximum speed

It is a maximum speed of the driver during the current race

Ways to change:
1) In Configurator for the certain product you can change the default value:


2) Overwrite the speed for one race on 'Driver settings' screen


3) On 'Timing' screen for all selected drivers



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