How drivers are sorted in different race modes

When people think that should be placed second but the system tells them they are third, it is usually just a matter of how driver times are sorted.
For this we need to understand how the Fast timing software sorts the drivers.

All race modes have in common that drivers who properly finished precede over the other modes.  They are sorted in this order: Finished, Did Not Finish (DNF), Did Not Start (DNS) and Disqualified.

Race Modes:

1. Best time

When you put the race on best time, it gets first sorted on qualification state and then on Best time achieved during the whole race.  In case two drivers would have exactly the same best time, the driver that reached the best time first, wins.

2. Average time

Sorting on average time, sorts on the average lap time of the driver.  The lower the better.  In case two drivers would have the same average, the sorting continues on the last passing registered, corrected by penalties or bonus if any.  That means that the driver who passed the loop first, will win this battle.

3. Most laps/race mode

In case you sort by race mode, the total amount of laps driven during a race will decide who wins.  If two drivers have the same amount of laps, the sorting continues on the last passing registered.  Whoever drove over the loop first will win.  Keep in mind that this might be corrected by a bonus or a penalty.

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    Piyathida Thurachon [IMPACT Speed Park]

    May I ask if the result sent to member will show bonus/ penalty, if any?

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