How to insert a new license

Instructions for Fast 5

1. Open the Fast Support and go to the 'License' Tab.

2. Click 'Insert License' and paste the license key and click 'Ok'.

3. You can now close the Fast Support software.

Instructions for Fast 4

1. Go to open the App Server software.
To do this, go to the Server PC and double-click on the yellow/green icon in the Windows task bar.


2. Now the App Server will open. On the left, click on the "License" button to open the license screen.

3. To insert the new license, press on the "New" button next to the Software input field.

4. Now simply paste the license key and your license will be updated immediately. You can minimize the App Server again by pressing on the window icon in the top right, do not click on the 'Exit' button because then the App Server will stop working.

5. For the member cards licenses, you can do the exact same thing but instead, you have to press the "New" button next to the Cards input field and paste the license.

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