How to change images in race results printouts

Background image

If you want to change the background image in your race result print-outs, follow these steps:

1. Start Fast Timing, or Fast Configurator

2. Click on the Menu icon and go to System -> Reports.


You will see race results report settings. Open the one you want to change.

Press on buttons 12.png  to change the background of the report.

If you need to have a background for another language, press '+' button, select language that you want and press select. Then you can change an image same way as before.

Banner Image

You can also change the settings of that report. Press on a 'settings' tab.

Here you’ll see settings such as:

1. Style of report: Now it’s being used only for color of best lap time.
2. Banner: It's the image on the top of report.
3. MailBanner: It's the image that’s used in race result email.
It is a link to an image, you can select another image or change existing with buttons 14.png of a setting.

Press 'Close' and you are done.

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