How to change best laptime colors of race results printout

If you are printing your race results printouts in black and white, then the default color of best lap time might not have enough contrast from the background. To change the color of best lap time, you need to follow these steps:

1. Start Fast Timing TimingIcon.JPG, or Fast Configurator configIcon.JPG

2. Click on the Menu and go to System, then on Reports.


3. Open the report you want to change: HorizontalRaceResults or VerticalRaceResults

4. Open 'Settings' tab


5. Here you have a setting Style, which is used for Best lap color in printout. To change that color you need to change Highlight font color and Highlight background color of that style. Or if you want to setup black and white printout you can just select ‘Black and white report style’.


6. Press 'Close' and you are done.

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