TV Shows settings explanation

In this document you will find out how Shows work and how to adjust their settings during Fast 5 TV configuration.


Show – Set of scheduled playlists. Each TV applications has to have a Show assigned to it.

“Active” – if disabled – show will not be displayed on all TVs.
“Playlists” – list of playlists in the show. Playlists in show don’t have order. They are picked up randomly according to their priority, events…e.t.c.

1.      Adding new show and assigning it to device

To add new show, press “+” button. You can create new show manually or from existing template.


To assign a 'Show' to specific device, go to “My settings” -> ”Show” (CTRL-SHIFT-F3).
If you use TV as sidekick of Timing, you have to set “Show” setting for Timing.
If you run TV applications first time, you will be asked to assign show on start up.

2.      Configuring playlist in show

“Name” – friendly name
“Playlist” – base playlist
“Description” – friendly description if needed
“Active” – if disabled – this playlist will be skipped (not displayed) in show
“Overlay” – If active – Playlist becomes “Overlay playlist”. Normal playlists are displayed one by one. Overlay playlist will be shown over current displaying playlist (popup message/left bar/right bar….)
“Period” – Playlist can be selected and displayed in show only during selected Period
(Always, Only on weekend/only on New Year….)
“Priority”- First TV Engine will select all playlists that are valid now. After it will select one randomly according to their Priorities. For example, if Show contains 2 playlists: “Records” with priority = 10 and 'Sponsors' with priority = 1 – then TV will show “Records” 10 times more often than “Sponsors” during the day.
“Start mode” – Way to initialize playlist selection.
There are 4 possible ways: Track state, Time interval, Trigger, Notification
“Track state” – Playlist can be selected only during certain state on the track: during race, after race…..
“Interval” – Playlist will be selected and displayed every time interval (every 5 minutes/ every 1 hour…e.t.c.)
“Trigger” – Playlist will be selected when certain event occurred on the track: Month record, passing, green flag…
(Note: Currently not yet supported. Use 'Notifications' instead.)
“Notification” – Playlist will be selected when certain notification occurred.
(Note: Make sure that selected notification is active in Menu->System->Notifications)
“Overwrite with resource” – normally all scenes use 'Resource' from 'My settings'. With this setting you can assign different resource to all scenes inside playlist. For example, your Show can display everything for adults track, but also sometimes display upcoming sessions or records for kids track. For now this setting work only for some scene kinds: Everything except of PitDisplay


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