TV Scenes and Playlists settings explanation

In this document you will find out how Scenes and Playlists work and how to adjust their settings during Fast 5 TV configuration.


Scene - A well defined ready to use module.  Example is “Top 3 best times”, “Pit Display”, “Current Race”, “Video”, “List of sponsor pictures”


Kind – based predefined scene kind. Each scene kind has its’ settings. There can be multiple scenes, based on the same scene kind, but with different settings (for example, PitDisplay that shows “Experience level” and PitDisplay that doesn’t do it.

Name – Unique name for Scene

Background – Background for Transparent scenes. Background is a playlist. For example, with “Background” you can configure UpcommingSessions with video as background.

Allow overlays – If disabled – this scene will not allow overlays over it (see “Fast 5 TV shows”)


Playlist - A circular collection of Scenes. All scenes in playlist will be played one by one all time while the playlist is active inside the show.


Active – if disabled – this playlist will be skipped(not displayed) all time on TV.


Each scene inside playlist has it’s duration and can be disabled (uncheck “Active”)

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