How to change kiosk registration (waiver) text

1. Open the configurator and go to Menu>System>Reports


2. You’ll see all different report kinds. Select the row with the kind of WAIVER (or WAIVER GUARDIAN) and open details:


You will see the report info, and under the image tab – background image of the printout with the registration text that customer has to sign.

There are few options how to change this text:

  1. Create a new image with new text and upload in there using edit   button. Note, that it have to be in the .png format and have the same sizes and same layout of the header, footer and space for member picture and member data in the upper part of the printout right below the header.
  2. You can regenerate this image with different text.

Other option:

1. Open template tab


 2. You will see here template for the image in some language. (default)


If you need to make a printout in another language, you need to add a new template for that language by pressing plus button.

Edit the text

You can change the text of the report right here in the editor, or you can load it from Microsoft word file.


PLEASE NOTE: the space for the text in kiosk registration list (waiver) is limited. It has to be smaller than approximately half of the A4 page. Any text beyond these sizes would be cropped.

So, if you need to put here a text with bigger sizes, then:

-          Put top, left and right margins on 0.
-          Use smaller font size.
-          Place the full version of the text on your website and put the reference on it.

You can also use images, tables and styles. When you are done with editing text, press 'Save' to confirm changes.  

Generate the image

When your new text is ready, then press on the Generate image button.


To see a generated image, open Image tab. Now you can see the preview of the image. If it looks ok, then you can save it.

NOTE: By saving the image, you will actually overwrite the previous image. You can save backup image on the disk by pressing this button


Now your new registration printout design is ready. Please check it if it looks good on the real paper.


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