How to Import Products and Stock from Excel file

It is possible to import a series of products and stock quantities from an Excel file. The excel file needs to have a certain format, as shown below:


Some details about the excel file:

- The headers should match the ones above, in this order, exactly.
- If the product ID isn't filled in, the system will assume it's a brand new product and will insert it.
If it is, it will update the product with that ProductId with the new information.
- If the ProductGroup or the CashGroup don't exactly match the name of an existing Product Group or Cash Report Group, a new one will be created.
- If any of the Stock values is filled in, Stock will be activated for this product.
- All numbers (ProductId, ProductPrice, ProductCost, Stock...) should not have a 1000 separator
(as in, they should be written as 2500 instead of 2,500 or 2.500)

After you have an Excel file with this format and with the information you want to insert on the database, you need to save it as Unicode text:


Finally, you need to go to the FAST 4 Configurator, open the Products list (under the Products tab), right click on it and use the Import Stock button, selecting the Unicode file you just created.
If it is successful, you'll get a popup saying "Stock Imported".
If not, nothing will be imported and you'll get an error message saying why it couldn't import it.



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