How to change the opening hours of your online calendar

You might have the calendar on your website to inform your visitors about the availability of the track.
This calendar automatically takes info from your reservations and your heats to show when a time slot is available.


You might want to change the opening hours. This article explains how that works.

1. Open the Fast Configurator software (FAST 4)

2. Go to Resources -> Resources

3. Double click the 'Karting' resource to open it

4. Go to the second tab 'Day setups'. This is where the opening hours are defined.

Warning: Make sure you only touch the schedules with the 'Opening hours' checkbox!
The other schedules are for the day planning inside your software.

5. You can double click a schedule to change it. You can also add new schedules by right clicking inside the list, and choosing 'Add'. These schedules are defined in two levels.

6. In the first screen, you define the start and end date of this schedule, and you can choose the weekdays on which it's valid. Make sure you also check the 'Opening hours' field.Configurator3.png

7. Then you still have to define the actual hours.
Right click the grid inside this first window, and click 'Add'.
The following window will appear:


You only need a few fields of this window. The start time, end time and 'Next day' checkbox.
If your end time is after midnight, make sure you check the 'Next day' field.

How it's combined

If you have multiple Opening hours that are valid on a single day, the calendar will combine them, and use the sum of those opening hours. But if a schedule is only defined for one day, it takes priority. For this day, all the other opening hours will be ignored.

Exceptions to your normal opening hours

It might occur that you just have one or more days that are different from the typical opening hours.
If it's one day, just set it up as described above for one day. This will override the normal opening hours for that day. If it's multiple (3 or less), We recommend just adding these days individually as well.

Alternatively, you can adjust the normal opening hours to only be valid until BEFORE your custom hours, create your special opening hours. And to finish, create new "normal" opening hours that start AFTER your custom opening hours.

What if you're closed?

If you are closed, the easiest is just to make a full day reservation that's set to exclusive, so the whole day would turn red in the calendar. You can also mark the reservation as 'public', so you can give people more information about why you're closed.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know.

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