How to install Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a small software tool that allows someone to connect to your device. When connected to your device the screen and controls are shared, so they can see your PC's screen, move the mouse and press buttons. This way the support service can quickly solve issues for you remotely.

SMS-Timing uses this tool for support services, Teamviewer should be installed by default when we install our software. Although when adding a new PC or... you need to install Teamviewer again.

How to install

1. Go to the official Teamviewer website:

2. Click on the green download button.

3. Run the setup.exe file. Choose: Basic installation, Company /Commercial use.

4. Click on 'Accept - finish'

How to use

To allow remote control you have to share your ID and Password information, that you can see under 'Allow Remote Control', with your partner, then he/she will be able to connect to your computer.

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