How to change the pictures of the HDTV software

You can fully choose the images and videos that appear in the background of the HDTV software.
You can also change some logos that appear on the TV's. This article explains how you can do this.

1. Where to find the files?

These files are located on the HDTV PC. Usually in C:\Fast\HDTV\ or a similar folder. If you can't find the folder, feel free to contact us, and we'll show you.

To make it easier to change these files, you can consider sharing this folder over the network, so you can change the pictures from the Timing PC, for example. More information about sharing a folder can be found here.

2. Background images/videos

The HDTV software can play multiple images and videos on the background of the race results. These files are located in the Images/Background folder. You can use JPG or PNG pictures.

As for the videos, the software supports most file formats that Windows Media Player supports. Keep the video files under 400MB, as this might be too heavy for the computer otherwise. The best file format for the software is .WMV . Most AVI formats work as well, that depends of the internal format of the file. Some formats like .mov files are not supported.

3. Logo in the corner

In the bottom left corner of the software, you'll see one or more logos. These can also be adapted. They are located in Images/Logos. The recommended height of these images is 120 pixels. The width can be anything between 200 and 350 pixels.

4. Sponsors

The HDTV software can be set up to display some sponsor pictures every few minutes. These pictures can also be changed, and consist of two parts:
- the big logo
- the individual sponsor images that pass by underneath

The big logo is located at Images/biglogo.png. The size is 1024 pixels by 512 pixels. If you want to replace this image, the name and size should be exactly the same.

The individual sponsor images can be found in Images/Sponsors. You can add as many images as you want. Ideally the images have a height of 300 pixels, and a width between 400 and 1000 pixels.

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