How to set up the Signature Pad

This part explains how to set up the Signature Pad, after this you can use the Signature Pad.
How to use the Signature Pad is explained here.


1. Connect the Signature Pad (called STU-530 in device manager) with your PC with the provided USB-Cable. 
The screen of the pad switches on and the Wacom welcome screen appears.

2. Install the Driver “Wacom-STU-Driver-5.2.1” and the SDK “Wacom-STU-SDK-2.2.1”. During the installation you can use the default options.

3. Open the Configurator and click on the tab 'Devices'. Add a new Device with the '+' Button and search for 'signature'. Add this device and click on 'Save'.


4. You can see that the device was added to the configurator.

5. Restart your Fast CC Server Application if the client is using Fast 4 Cash.


Further Information:

You can set up 2 Images, which can be shown on the signature Pad. This means one background image for the active state (when the customer has to sign). The other image is for the idle state (When there is no active communication with the Point of Sale). The best resolution for this images are:


width [px]

height [px]







Please contact us to set up the background images.

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