How to set up the MyLaps X2 Decoder

Software preparation

1. Prerequisite Visual C++ 2013 runtime

Depending on your installed OS you need to select the appropirate Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.
32bit = vcredist_x86.exe
64bit = vcredist_x64.exe

2. MylapsSDK.dll

Your mylapsSDK.dll needs to match your operating system as well.  The username for this download is 'version', a password is not required.

32bit =
64bit =

You need to download the library and it should be unzipped in the same folder as Fast Reader.exe.  (Usually c:\fast\)


In order to test the device, add the device through the configurator.  Restart fast bridge to copy all needed structures to the pit db and then restart the reader. No errors should be shown.

Device settings

Add the X2 decoder device.

Hostname - IP address of the server
Username - admin
Password - admin


Decoder doesn't send any heartbeat, to test it open the internet explorer and type in the IP address of the server. If you can open the page, then decoder is reachable. 

Pass the loop with the transponder to see the passings.

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