How to change the voltage on a DeHaardt Range Extender or Timing Host


It's possible to change a DeHaardt Range Extender or Timing Host to a different voltage (230v to 115v or vice versa).

You will need:
 - Screwdriver
 - Soldering iron

Then follow these steps.


1. Open up the box and remove the screws

There are 6 traditional screws on the circuit board, and 2 more black mounting plastics, indicated by arrows on the image below.


2. Flip the circuit board over

You'll need to work on the back side of the circuit board, so deconnect the cables and flip it over. The area you need is indicated in the image below.
In the example below, the circuit board has been configured for 230v.


3. Change the soldering

To change it, desolder the original connection, and solder the connections as indicated in red on the images below.

Image 1: 230v


Image 2: 115v


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