How to update the firmware of the SMS-Timing Lapo Remote

Hardware needed

To update the firmware of the SMS-Timing lapo remote you need:
 - The remote itself,
 - A PC, 
 - A Micro-USB data cable


Then follow these steps:

1. Download the firmware from
or ask someone from SMS-Timing.

2. Switch off the remote completely, by pressing and holding the C button.

3. Keep the enter key pressed, and briefly press the C button. This will get the remote into the bootloader.

4. Connect the remote with the PC using a Micro-USB data cable.
Be aware that not all USB cables will work!

5. In your PC you should get an extra storage device called "Lapo drive". There's only one file: firmware.bin.

6. Replace firmware.bin with your newer firmware.

7. Eject the device, deconnect the cable and press C on the remote.

8. Finish up by verifying the firmware version number that appears.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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