How to change the radio band for the SMS-Timing Lapo Remote

The SMS-Timing Lapo Remotes are by default configured for European radio band usage. However, it's possible to change this for USA radio band usage.
You need to configure this in both places:

1. Configurator

To change this, open the configurator software, go to Devices, and open the Lapo remote settings. There's a combo box to select European or USA radio band.


2. Remote

Inside the remote itself, you also need to configure this. This is how to do it:

  • Switch on the remote
  • Keep the 'Enter' button pressed until you see a screen that asks you for a code (see image below)
  • Enter the code '01234'
  • Choose 'Radio band' in the next menu
  • Now you'll see 'EUROPE' or 'USA' on the screen. Use the arrow keys to select the right option.
  • Finish by pressing 'Enter' and then 'C'


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