How to set up the Rimo Shutdown system

To set up the Rimo Shutdown system with the FAST 5 Timing software, follow these steps:

- On the Configurator or the Timing computer, go to System, then Devices.


- Double click on the computer name of the computer that is your main Timing computer
(Usually FAST-PIT).

Under the Peripherics tab, click on the + button to add a new device.
Search for Rimo, and you'll find the Rimo Shutdown Device. Press Select.


- Type a friendly name for the device, and change the host to Normally this will always be the address of the shutdown server - it is up to Rimo to set up the redirection on the router of the karting track. All other transport settings are correct by default.


- Under the device settings, type the API Key, API Pass and API ID that Rimo has supplied to the karting track. Then, once the karting track configures all the speeds through the RIMO portal, make sure to type on the speed sets the exact name of each of the speeds the karting wants to link to our slowdown functionality. You can also access the RIMO portal, if you can, and check them directly, making sure to type the names of the appropriate speeds on the device settings. 


-To receive the speedsets, and configure the shutdown serial numbers you have to go on the configuration page and click the corresponding buttons.


- Now you can use the PIT software to slow down the karts using the RIMO shutdown system.

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