How to configure an Epson Ticket Printer for network usage

To use the Epson TM-T88V ticket printer over the network, you need to make sure the IP address is correctly configured.

Step 1. Find current IP address

To begin, check the IP address that the ticket printer currently uses. To check this:
- Switch off the printer
- Press and hold the feed button
- Switch on the printer

This will prompt the printer to print a paper with some configuration details. Check the IP address.

Step 2. Test current IP address

Ping the IP address to check if you can reach it over the network.

To ping: 
- Open Command prompt by typing 'cmd' in the start menu
- In the black window that opens, type the following text: "ping [ipaddress]".
Replace [ipaddress] by the IP address that you found in step 1.

If you get a response. Great! Go straight to step 4.
If not, perhaps the printer is not properly connected to the network. check the cables.
Otherwise, perhaps the IP address is in another range. If that's the case, proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Change the IP address

This step is only necessary if the IP address is outside the range of the rest of the network. Only do this step if you know what you're doing.
- Change your IP address to an IP address in the range of the printer's IP address
- Open your web browser and navigate to the IP address of the printer
- Go to Configuration > Network > TCP/IP and change the IP settings to an IP address that's within the range of the network.


Step 4. Install the printer driver

Use the APD (Advanced Printer Driver). Download it from our Version FTP or from Epson's website. Run it and choose to install the printer as a network device.

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