Solving issues with DeHaardt timing


DeHaardt timing consists of the following parts:

- Sector Beacon connected to the loop that activates the timing transponder.

- Timing transponder on the karts that send the information wireless to the Timing Host.

- A Timing Host (looks like a Range Extender) that catches the signal and sends it to the PC.

If the timing is not working, you can check the following things.

Connection between Timing Host and PC

You can verify the connection between the Timing Host and the PC by sending a ping command to the Timing Host. To do this open a HyperTerminal with a baudrate of 19200 and send the following command: #0:2\PING. The Timing Host should respond with a Pong message. If not, check all cables and try to disconnect the Timing Host for a few minutes from the power.

Check the wireless part of the Timing Host

The Timing Host receive the passings from the transponders wireless. To check if this part is still working properly, you need a Range Extender connected to the PC. Open 2 HyperTerminals, again with a baudrate of 19200. One for the Timing Host and one for the Range Extender. Try to send the following command to the Timing Host: #5:2\LST-1. This will try to send a speed command to kart 5 (any kartnumber can be used, as long as it's under 255). Now on the Range Extender you should see this message come in. If this is not coming in, then the wireless part of either the Timing Host or the Range Extender is broken.

Sector Beacon

The Sector Beacon determines the function of the loop. You can program the loop to act as a timing loop or as a slowdown loop. You have two fields on the Sector Beacon. The mode and the setting. You have 3 different modes: the Sn (Sector number), the Fn (Function number) and some clock information which doesn't matter. The Sn is the sector number and should be 01 if you have only 1 sector. If you have multiple sectors, each Sector Beacon should have a different number. The Fn should be 00 for timing.

To verify if the Sector Beacon still works correctly, you can disconnect the loop and restart the Sector Beacon by unplugging it from the power and then plugging it back on. Now it should show 'Er' (Error) on the Mode field. If not, the Sector Beacon is broken.

The loop + the transponder

To check if the loop and the transponders are still OK, you should put the transponder in a visible place on the kart. When the kart passes the loop (it should be turned on, so don't push it over the loop), the small LED light on the Timing transponder should be blinking. If not, either the loop or the transponder is broken.

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