How to connect the Phidgets light control

One of the light control boxes we support is the Phidgets 1017 board.

It supports DC or AC current. 

Every channel has 2 times 3 connectors (upper and lower). You just need to use one of them, but if you want 2 individual light channels to go on/off through this channel at the same time, you can use both of them.

Every set of connectors is like this:

  • NO (normally open)
    This channel is open (not connected) when the power is off. 
  • 0A (channel number)
    The numbers go from 0 to 7. Each channel has a A and B set of connectors. In normal cases you only need A.
  • NC (normally closed)
    This channel is closed (connected) when the power is off.

In most cases, you'd just connect one of the wires directly from the power source to the light. The other one passes through the board. The wire goes in through the middle port (channel number) and continues through the NO port.

For more information, here's the user manual:

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