How to install the Mylaps TranX 140 system

The system consists of two parts: the loop and the transponders.

1. Installation of the activated detection loop

When you are using the Mylaps TranX system, the initial installation will affect your result on a long term usage. So follow these instructions as closely as possible.

All wiring of the activated detection loop must be installed according to the drawing below in order to avoid a serious degradation in the performance of the system.


The activated detection loop (= white coax cable) must be positioned in such a way that the transponder is above the center of the loop when the front of the kart is above the finish line. Make sure karts cannot pass outside of the activated detection loop, extend it outside the track if necessary. The active loop (yellow cable with black box) has to be connected to the white coax cable and to the MyLaps Decoder, but this loop does not need to be placed in the ground.

The activated detection loop can be used for a track width of a maximum 12 m (39 ft).

Cut the slots in the track a maximum of 2 cm deep and 60 cm apart.

Make sure the slots are clean and dry. This will ensure a perfect seal when the silicon is applied after installation of the wiring.
Put the wires of the detection loop in the slots.
When all wires are installed, put the heat shrink sleeve over a detection loop wire end.
Then solder the loop wire end to the short wire end of the activator.

Fill the slot with silicone. Make sure not to overfill.



2. Installation of the transponder

1. Fix the transponder on the kart by using a hose clamp.
2. The transponder can be oriented towards the front, back or the side of the kart.
3. Mount the transponder horizontally, with the arrows on the transponder to the track.
4. Mount the TranX140 transponder on the outside of the frame.

If you mount it inside the frame, the activating signal may prove difficult to activate the transponder.
As a result, it is possible that a transponder will not register even when mounted a maximum of 30 cm above the track.

To Verify your setup click here

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