How to configure a QR Reader


For the QR Reader to work with the software, we need to:

Step 1. Make sure the QR Reader driver is installed.
Step 2. Configure the QR Reader to work as a USB2COM Device (with a Serial Port).
Step 3. Make sure the COM Port of the QR Reader is configured correctly in the software.

Note: These instructions are valid for the Gryphon GD44xx QR Reader devices.

Step 1. Installing the QR Reader driver

We should start by making sure the correct driver is installed. You should pick the 64 or the 32 bits driver depending on the operating system you have.

32 bits:
64 bits:

Step 2. Configuring the QR Reader as a USB2COM device

To configure the device as a USB2COM, you'll need to scan a series of configuration barcodes. If they are correctly scanned, the device will reinstall itself (with the driver that you installed in the previous step).

Step 3. Setting the COM Port of the Device in FAST Configurator

3.1. Finding the computer name, COM Port of the QR Reader

If the previous points were successfully done, you should be able to find the device in the Device Manager (Control Panel -> Device Manager), under Ports (COM & LPT), as Serial Port for Barcode Scanner.

You will also see that it has a COM Port assigned to it. The Device Manager will also tell you the computer name.


3.2. Configuring the QR Reader in the FAST Configurator

We need to make sure in the FAST Configurator that the same COM Port is configured, for the QR Reader of this computer.

To do this, you open the FAST Configurator, log in with your username and password, and you click on Settings (1). Then you search for QR on the search box on the top left (2). After you do this, you can expand the tab with the computer name (from the previous step) (3), and then the tab with QRREADER (4), and you can see that it has a setting called COM (5). You should double click it, and type the same number of the COM Port of the device from the previous step.


After this step, if you restart the FAST Cash, you'll be able to start using the QR reader.


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