Solving issues with Facebook automated posts

If your customers log in with Facebook, the software can automatically do a post on their timeline after they raced.

This is regulated through a "permission" that is given by the user to your Facebook app. If this doesn't work, it's probably one of these causes:

1. The user hasn't accepted the permission to post on their timeline (when logging in with Facebook)

2. The user hasn't checked "Allow posting on my Facebook timeline"

This can be checked in the user's profile in the POS. Look up the member, double click to open his profile, and then go to the second tab.

3. The token might have expired (we can only use the permission for 2 months)

Facebook only gives the app 30 days to post on the users behalf. But we renew this every time the user visits the Facebook app.

4. The user might have changed his/her Facebook password. This also invalidates the permission.

To improve this, please push/advertise your Facebook app well, and push customers to visit it. Like this the permission stays valid.

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