How to send a push message on the Mobile App


This feature allows you to sent push message to:

  • App users who have registered themselves
  • App users who didn’t register
  • App users who have a mobile license

1. Login

Go to the web configurator ( or and log in with your details. If you don’t know your details please contact our support department.

After you logged in, you will see an overview of your messages that you send and how many times it was read. To make a new Push Message, click on new on the right top side

You can then give in the details of your push messages. Be careful with the languages you use. Use your own language to reach to most persons, but customers that logged in with a different language will not receive the message.

2. Prepare your message

Fill in all the details:

  1. Name: title of the push notification (will be shown as popup and as in the Messages screen)
  2. Send to all: Here you can choose to who you want to send the message.

        i.   Send to all: registered and not registered users. 

        ii.  Send to members: people who activated the mobile app at the POS

        iii. Send to non-members: people who are registered but are not having an active license.

        iv.  Send to anonymous users: who has installed the app but not yet registered or activated.

        v.  Send to selected member: sent the message to a specific user.

     3. Header image: you can give the push notification a header image. This image will be displayed in            the inbox. 

     4. Textbox: here you can type the text for your push notification. Also choose here the correct       language

3. Send

Once you are ready you can click on the save button. Watch out if you have enabled send push notifications. This will send the push notifications!

Remark: When sending a push message, it can take a while before the page loads again. Wait for the page to redirect you. Don't click 'Send' again, as that will double send the notifications.


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