How to get more Mobile App users

Using the Mobile App creates many advantages, so getting as many users as possible using it, will help you to create a better experience.


  1. Use the mobile app as the primary way of registration. Only when they don’t have a smartphone, you send them to the kiosk.
  2. When the customer registers on the kiosk, and you give the mobile ticket, tell the customer to download the app immediately to check his race results at the end of the race.
  3. Make sure people know you have a mobile app: hang posters, put flyers, let your staff talk about it, put it on your website,…
  4. When people make a booking, send them a link to download the app and tell them to register before they come to the track.
  5. Set up a free wifi access point for your customers. Preferably with an easy password
  6. Make your plastic cards more expensive than the mobile app.
    • Plastic cards for special customers
    • Plastic cards can also be used as voucher if you still have a big stock
  7. Do not give race result print outs anymore. Tell your customers to download the app if they want to check their results. At the end of the session, the track marshal should tell the customer to download the app if they want to see their results.
  8. Give an extra benefit to people who downloaded the mobile app. Example: Free race on the birthday, but only when you have the mobile app.
  9. Send push notifications to everybody who has the mobile app. There is an online configurator, so you can send these messages yourself.
  10. Register big groups with the mobile app. Even groups of more than 50 persons can register smoothly if you use the mobile app well.
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