How to create a new part

Create a new part

In order to create a new part you need to do the following steps:

Open Parts tab on the top of the screen:


Select the type of the karts that you want to create a new part for (double click to open):


In the Parts tab press Add (Plus) button to create a new part:


Enter the name of the part and a short description, then select a product for the part (click the search button):


NOTE: If you want to track costs of that part, you need to link a product with the part’s price. Then each time you’ll replace this part, the cost of the part will be added to parts consumption report.


In the new window you can select a product that already exists (you can use a search box to find it), or you can create a new one.


System will automatically propose the same name for the product, as a part name, although you can change it. Enter the price of the part and press Save:


Press Select button:


Now you can save a new part by pressing Save button:



A new part has successfully added to a parts list. However, now it's not yet attached to any karts yet.

Follow 'How to attach parts to a kart' for instructions.


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