How to attach parts to karts

Part 1: Attach a single part to a kart
Part 2: Attach multiple parts to a kart
Part 3: Attach multiple parts to multiple karts

Attach a single part to a kart

To start working with a new part, you need to attach it to a kart.

To do so, you need to follow these steps:

Open the Karts tab on the top of the screen.

Then select the kart that you want to attach the part to:


 To see all the parts of the vehicle, you need to open the Parts tab:


On the left side you can see all the parts that are attached to the selected kart.

Press Add (Plus) button to attach a new part:


PLEASE NOTE: Empty part represents the whole kart and its warnings. You cannot attach or remove it. To see more about warnings check out this article

PLEASE NOTE: Each kart can have only one instance of the part. For example if 'Kart 3' already has part 'Tire' attached, then you cannot attach it a second time.


In the new window select (or search) a part that you want to add, and press Select button:


PLEASE NOTE: This window will show you only the parts which are not yet attached to the kart.


Selected part has been added to a kart. Press Save to confirm it.



Attach multiple parts to a single kart

You can also import multiple parts to a kart:

In the Parts tab of the kart press on the 'Import' button:


In the Import window, you can select parts to import. Hold the SHIFT(CTRL) button and select it:


Selected parts has been attached to a kart. Press Save to confirm it.


Attach multiple parts to multiple karts

If you need to add a part for a multiple karts, let us say for all karts with type GT5, you can do it in this way:

Select the karts that you want to change (Press and hold SHIFT button to select consecutive karts, or press and hold CTRL to select certain karts), and press import button in the grid header:


In the new window you need to select the parts that you want to attach.

You can use the search box to find it:


If you will select an engine for multiple karts, and some of them already have it, then the system will skip the karts who already have it and attach it only to those who don't have it. It will also give you a warning about it.


When you press Select, the window will be closed and all selected parts will be attached.



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