New features

3105 Timing Stars now indicate the experience level of a driver
2007 Timing In the main timing screen, you can now see how many races a person has driven
2904 Timing You can define with security settings if it's allowed to delete paid drivers in the Timing software
3169 Positioning New tool to gather statistics about signal quality of transponders
2990 Kiosk When clicking an image, you now go straight to the next screen



3053 Timing The kart number has also been added to the participant's Laps screen, so you can look back to see when a kart was changed
3049 Timing The UI around the date picker has been improved
3136 Timing The participant popup has been improved to work with low screen resolutions
3123 Timing There's a clear warning now when you accidentally try to insert participants in a session of a previous day
3055 Timing When slowing down karts after a race, the software now double checks if these karts are not booked into the next race as well
3029 Timing The "switch kart" dialog has been cleaned up
2932 Timing The kart assignment screen has been improved "below the hood"
3166 Timing Several screens now have better scrolling compatibility for low screen resolutions
3164 Timing To keep the passing list clear, old kart assignments are now deleted instead of deactivated
2282 Timing Printing the Grand Prix screen will now be in landscape by default, to better fit the columns
3081 Positioning The kart numbers are now displayed in a better font
3085 Positioning Improvements for the automatic track drawing
3078 Positioning Automatic sending of daily statistics for follow-up
2758 Positioning Smoother display of moving karts
3067 Configurator More applications can now be shut down through the configurator
3046 Various Styles and certain dlls have been removed to reduce the file size of the executables
3100 Various All database methods are now returning info in the best format
3020 Various The list headers have been cleaned up, the "edit", "print" and "export" buttons have been removed
3027 Various When printing directly from a list, the software now takes the default page size from Windows directly
3058 Various Translations that begin with a parameter now have better capitalization
3005 Various The internal timers have been reworked and improved


Bug fixes

3137 Timing During some types of races, it was not possible to properly switch karts during the race
3138 Timing After assigning karts with the enter key, the grid would not always refresh properly
3140 Timing It was still possible to drag and drop participants during a race, that's now blocked
3163 Timing On very small screen resolutions, the light control buttons were cut off
3132 Timing If you clicked the sidebar of a race, without any races, it caused exceptions
3131 Timing When no races are loaded, the Settings button was still accessible from the right click menu
2361 Timing After starting a race in two phases, and then changing the setting to one phase, you would get stuck
2955 Timnig The record screen always asked to save, while this was not necessary
3009 Timing The portrait race result printout sometimes caused an error
3030 Timing Changing a kart with the same kart was still showing options on how to switch it
3057 Timing Some track events were skipped because the passings were often being rebuilt
3154 Timing Sometimes a race was not recalculated after deleting a passing
3159 Timing The portrait race result printout didn't always show the best times correctly
3023 Timing The very first time the Grand Prix screen was used, it caused a error
3129 Timing In the kart assignment screen, sometimes it would assign the kart to the first driver instead of the selected one
3122 Timing The history of a participant could be confusing if he didn't drive certain races he was booked in
3116 Timing In some scenarios, the Grand prix screen was not showing the best lap times
3117 Timing In some windows, it was not possible to select multiple items at the same time anymore
3041 Pit Display When running as a sidekick, the pit display didn't take the custom highlight color
2874 Positioning In some scenarios, some configuration could get lost
3082 Positioning The Eco button of the positioning was sometimes showing the wrong state
3006 Kiosk The date picker didn't work well with Arabian dates
3054 Kiosk Some sentences inside the kiosk software were not translated
2795 Kiosk The pictures from the kiosk were sometimes not saved
3119 Configurator The settings screen would become white if you refresh it
2787 Configurator When adding a new timing loop, there was an exception if you didn't save first
3075 Configurator There we no editors for some parts of the security configuration
3106 Configurator There was a problem with going into editing mode for some screens
3073 Configurator Some lists allowed editing the content directly from within the list, while that was supposed to be blocked
3052 Configurator Searching inside the system settings could cause an error
2208 Configurator When adding a new survey, the list view didn't update unless you saved a name
3162 Configurator When you were trying to import settings without a settings file, there was an error
3019 Configurator When creating new items, the item was not automatically selected
3059 Synchronisation The synchronisation blocked when a newly created member had multiple addresses
3051 Various There was an issue in the database method SYS_FIX_PAR2RNO
1559 Various In some lists, the selected item would change after you drag and drop it
3125 Various Some internal timers didn't always work well because of an issue with doubles
3175 Various There was a stability issue with certain transactions
2357 Various The software could get confused if the computer clock had been wrong (in the future)
3165 Various The Flags control was not visible with low screen resolutions




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