New features    
2289 Timing It's now possible to show the gap between drivers instead of the gap to the leader on the HDTV, LEDboard and mobile app
3247 Timing Karts with no transponders are clearly marked in the kart assignment screen
3295 Kiosk We now support resources in the kiosk. You can select per Kiosk which resources you want to show, where they can choose from
2568 Kiosk You can look up members by ID number, phone number, email address, ... so that existing customers don't have to register again
2567 Kiosk You can look up members by their Facebook profile
  Kiosk When printing a Kiosk waiver, you can select a different printer per activity
3289 Various You can now add an extra image to a customer to store his ID, driver license, ...
3318 Timing Improved visibility for black-and-white race printouts
3220 Timing When reloading heats, they will always start with number 1
3261 Timing Improvement for the transferring of participants between teams
3204 Timing There's an extra column that shows the vehicle number in the simulation screen
3199 Timing Dialog after dragging passings are now more user friendly
3196 Timing When moving a driver to another heat, you can now choose whether to move the kart with him or not
3022 Timing Restyling of the Save and Cancel button in Grand Prix menu
2020 Timing Auto focus heats on the current time in Grand Prix menu
1605 Timing Grid prints now also show the heat details
1449 Timing It's now possible to open the profile of a driver from the kart assignment screen
3246 Timing Some unnecessary passings are not shown anymore
3205 Timing Dialog for splitting of passings improved
3313 Kiosk Improvements on maximum length for input fields
2307 Kiosk Numeric on-screen keyboard for phone numbers
3172 Various Huge size reduction of the installation and update files
3257 Various Small improvement to make updates faster
Bug fixes    
1526 Timing Sometimes multiple heats got started when using the light control remote to start races
3287 Timing Manual kart assignment didn't work with automatic loop assignment
3282 Timing Kart switches appeared 2 times in passings
3280 Timing Last passings were sometimes showed incorrectly
3264 Timing Crash when unsetting the last session as next heat fixed
3263 Timing Sometimes 2 heats were set as next heat
3259 Timing Switch karts during race sometimes failed
3233 Timing You couldn't change the interval between sessions
3229 Timing Sometimes laps were lost when heat duration was changed during a heat
3228 Timing The vehicle report crashed when there were no sessions
3227 Timing Penalty system was not working correctly
3219 Timing Drag and dropping for drivers was always enabled in the Grand Prix tab, even when it shouldn't be
3203 Timing Warnings were not changed in passing when no longer valid
3202 Timing Warnings didn't refresh when dragging passings
3201 Timing Canceling of passings didn't work properly
3200 Timing When dragging multiple passings inside a heat, the order was flipped
3187 Timing Unnecessary warnings in kart assignment screen removed
3188 Timing Assigning karts on finished heats was not properly working
3134 Timing You could still add participants to finished heats
3023 Timing First time you opened the Grand Prix menu, it crashed
2966 Timing There was an error when creating a new transponder on kart that is attached on another kart already
1133 Timing Menu closed when clicking on a disabled button
1926 Kiosk Webcam resets every hour, now it doesn't reset when the webcam is in use anymore
3309 Kiosk You didn't had to fill in the country, even if it was required
3301 Kiosk Star icon to mark required fields was not always showing
3300 Kiosk Better exception handling
3288 Configurator Configuration screen for speed levels is fixed
3130 Configurator Searching in the security tasks of a group gave an error
3236 Positioning RTLS reader was only sending the full statistics on the first day
2892 Garage Sometimes you got an unnecessary save dialog
1559 Various Selection changed after dragging in a grid

If you have any further questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at support@sms-timing.com

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