New features    
3349 Timing New intelligent notification system for timing software and our future Mobile Marshal app
3251 Timing New column to track the duration of a lap in real time
3047 Timing There's a wizard to insert karts and transponders in Fast 5 now
3443 Timing You can now also change the maximum speed of one or more participants through a right click menu in the timing software
3306 Timing It's now possible to transfer speed unlocks through the Grand Prix tab
3381 Timing Unlock to the maximum speed with one button click
3291 POS You can now hide heat times on the entry ticket, if you choose to work by number only
3428 Kiosk A bunch of new keyboard configurations have been added to the software
3400 Timing The startup speed has improved by only loading the relevant score groups
3366 Timing The timing simulatoin now follows the decoder of the current resource by default
3379 Timing More track events can be configured to only work when "automatic speed levels" has been enabled
3364 Timing Race result printouts are now also configured through the report metas
3442 Timing Speed unlocks have been reworked a bit to handle situations before karts are assigned
3378 Timing There's a new setting to immediately apply unlocked speeds when changed manually
3437 Timing Better scroll handling in the Passings list
3427 Positioning Better handling of positions if a kart is off for a short time.
3435 Positioning Better logging of positions during races
3173 Positioning Better handling of pit in and out positions
3316 Configurator Hide "resources" checkboxes for anything but PC's
3314 Configurator Resources can now be sorted manually instead of alphabetically
3018 Configurator Titles of screens have been cleaned up and made more logical
2963 Garage Better lap time formatting on the vehicle report
3183 Garage Kart times are now shown in hours instead of days
2225 Pit Display You can now show the experience level on the Pit Display
3412 Check-in Monitor The Check-In monitor now has a maximum time to check for future heats
3368 App Server The Fast 5 databases are now also backed up every night automatically
3322 Kiosk There's more logging now to track back a user's clicks and answers
3304 and 3305 Framework Internal optimizations through new possibilities of .net 4.5
3328 Framework The software has been optimized by moving everything to .Net 4.5
3420 Framework Various speed improvements for the database communication of new members
Bug fixes    
3286 Timing It was not possible to start two heats at the same time if they both were configured for kart assignment through loop passings
3394 Timing If you manually added a new heat in the timing software, it was only saved after you add participants to it
3285 Timing The quick kart assignment (enter) didn't give the option when to apply the kart switch
3208 Timing The "assign karts based on floor plan" option has been removed, because it was not supported
3439 Timing The unlock speed button was not disabled when there was no slowdown device connected
3271 Timing When unstarting a race, there was no next heat selected automatically
3232 Timing If some setting was not correctly configured, "Recreate heats" didn't fill up the full day
3258 Timing Internal issue when trying to save a different start position and a different heat at the same time
3315 Timing If you change the duration of a heat, and it becomes shorter than the current remaining time, it didn't close properly
3457 Timing The timing software was taking up too much memory in some cases
3452 Timing When applying a speed to all karts, we didn't save a passing
3223 Positioning The visualisation was sometimes not accurate when playing back recorded races
3307 Configurator The language selection dialog was showing too many fields
3369 Configurator Importing the Fast 4 kiosk settings didn't work in some cases
3225 Pit Display In some cases, the pit display was also showing drivers of teams instead of just the teams
3434 Kiosk When using proxies, the Facebook login was no longer working well
3431 VSync The synchronisation sometimes crashed
3413 Framework Various internal exception handling
3141 Framework A change was need to ensure that the right people are always preloaded in the timing software

If you have any further questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at support@sms-timing.com

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