New features    
2225, 2221 Pos Rating stars are now also visible on the POS and the PITDisplay
2327 Timing Laptimes are shown inside the passing screen
2573 Pos Wacom Signature pad integrated inside POS
2996 Hardware Lapo displays integrated, allows you to see times and more on a kart
3350, 3352, 3359 Timing Intelligent passings are thrown on Two phase started, two phase stopped and disquallifications.
3393 Garage New report about work history on a kart
3455 Configurator Clone Resource, Track and Daysetups for easier configuration
2953 Kiosk Language and formatting have been split up so that same languages can use different regional settings
3167 Timing Increased performance of kart assignment
3197 Timing Karts aren't copied anymore when you have loop assignment activated
3206 All Visual improvement of time editors
3254 Timing Configure colors in race printouts
3319 Timing Configure color on session clock
3374 Garage Report about a kart is translated
3390, 3391 Garage UI changes, edit creation date, edit log records
3426 Timing Copy products when a race is restarted
3459 Timing Performance increase on race printouts 
3465 Positioning Better positioning when karts are switched on on the track.  
3467 Positioning Double check when karts are exitting the pit
Bug fixes    
2905 Timing Change scoregroups from inside the records screen
3056 Positioning Edge case in positioning, while calculating races, events might not have been thrown.
3153 Timing Linger time and two phase finish have been reworked.  
3195 Timing Switch flow when you drag a driver inside the same heat.  Before it asked you to copy or move and then it cancelled it.  
3299 Timing If you deleted a kart after the race and restarted the program, it was shown wrong inside the grid.
3372 Garage New Task might already had some time
3436 Timing Don't allow to change position of teammembers.
3454 Timing After adding a driver to a team, the wrong driver was focussed
3456 Timing Wrong team disappeared after cancelling a freshly added team
3515 Timing Switch now might have caused all laps to be transferred to new driver
3526 All Private eye report wasn't started anymore
3573 All Accept scores by e-mail wasn't synchronized properly between fast 5 and fast 4
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