3425 Timing The lap times are now also shown in the passings list, making it easier to browse them
3249 Timing There's a new type of race printout that can fit up to 25 participants on one page
111 Timing There's a new race report for qualifiers and finals
3764; 3743 Garage There's a new report about used parts
3850 Garage New and faster way to replace parts
3582 Garage Extra option when finishing a task
  Mobile Marshal The Mobile Marshal is now available in the app stores
3460; 3242; 3068 Positioning The range of karts that get slowed down for a crash is now smarter. It uses the speed of the kart to estimate the ideal slowdown loacation.
3128 Positioning Better automatic logging allows us to follow everything up more closely
3527 Fast Narrator New piece of software that can pump live race information through your speakers
3845; 3883; 3803; 3805 TV New flexible TV system that allows for smarter scheduling and more customization
3045; 3222 TV We have a brand new tool for showing how long a pit stop is taking, in real time
3902 POS In the POS software, you can now lock an amount of participants for a session. Like this, the cashier can fill up the session without other cashiers getting in the way.
3525 Timing It's now possible to export the best times including e-mail addresses
3422 Timing It's now possible to set a global score group, across multiple sessions
3927 Timing The light control can now also be connected with the timing software through USB
2905 Timing Changing the best time group of an old race can now be done straight from the records tab
3680; 3915 Timing In the records tab, you can now also change multiple best times groups at once
3446 Timing There's a big warning now to indicate missed passings, by checking the maximum lap time
3642 Timing Performance improvements of the DeHaardt hardware by eliminating unnecessary network traffic
3472 Timing When changing the date int he Grand Prix tab, only the relevant options are now shown
3255 Timing Big performance improvements while loading the best times
2833 Timing The gap has been added to the race overview printout
3580 Timing There's a setting to only allow the FIA start in a race for most laps
3789 Timing The quick kart assignment dialog has ben optimized with a textbox
3780 Garage The vehicle report now contains even more useful data
3603 Positioning Improvements for setting up a new system
3469 Positioning Improved tracking for when a kart was switched off and on in the middle of the track
3467 Positioning Improved accuracy for when a kart leaves the pit area
3697 Mobile Marshal The broadcasting server is now deployed with the rest of the software
3698 Mobile Marshal All notifications can now be configured per resource
3740 VSync Reservations are now also synchronized between all databases
2292 Kiosk Option to exclude the member picture from the printout, to save ink
3537 Kiosk The language buttons themselves are not translated anymore, making it easier to find a certain language
3859 Kiosk The font of the registration printout has been made more modern
3842 Kiosk The country list in the kiosk can now be sorted manually
3622 Kiosk The Romanian flag has now also been added to the kiosk
3536 Kiosk There's the option to customize pages based on the date
2653 Kiosk The language of the Facebook login option now follows the current selected language
3943 Kiosk The checkboxes now have a checkmark instead of a cross, to make it more clear
3548 TV In the "Upcoming sessions" screen you can now hide the first sessions
1951 TV In the "Upcoming sessions" screen you can now show the amount of people in the race instead of the empty spots
2536 TV Small visual improvements in the upcoming sessions list
3523 TV In the "Upcoming sessions" there's now the option to remove fully booked heats from it
3749 TV You can now specify the Upcoming sessions screen for a certain resource
3901 POS For better performance and design, the POS now uses the metro design on Windows 8 by default
3787 Timing Some buttons were unavailable when the score group of the session was not there
3588 Timing In the session settings, you could also choose score groups of other resources
3553 Timing When working with bonus/penalties, in some scenarios this could produce a wrong end ranking
3473 Timing The Grand Prix tab was too wide for certain screens
3645 Timing The icon of the timing software had gone missing for a while
3389 Timing If the Lapo dongle was configured, the Tming software wouldn't start without it anymore
3250 Timing Changing the score group after a day didn't synchronize the results anymore
3932 Timing Sometimes it was not possible to configure new transponders with the Solve button inside the passings
3926 Timing The devices that were connected with the timing software couldn't show their states
1233 Timing Changing details about the record didn't always save it
3703 Timing When using bonus/penalties, the gap could be wrong
3643 Timing In some cases, a kart could get assigned to multiple people of the same heat
3587 Timing Notifications that mention the amount of people in a session didn't handle teams well
3801 Timing When assigning karts when a race was pauzed, there could be problems
3181 Timing The unpaid icon has been changed from the Euro sign to a universal X symbol
3799 Timing In rare cases, the clock could still keep counting after the race
3821 Timing After changing the heat name multiple times in the POS software, it didn't update anymore in the timing software
560 Timing When editing a person from the Timing software, there was no e-mail validation
3742 Garage Searching parts was not working
3596 Garage There was an error on the parts screen
3373 Garage The vehicle report was badly aligned
2906 Positioning Only laps with events were loaded into the Positioning Reader
3792 Database There was an issue with unique database ID's for transponders
3726 Database There was an issue while upgrading to the latest database structure
3908 VSync The linger time sometimes got cleared when setting it from a package
3701 Configurator Sometimes the right click options on a grid were not of the correct grid
3493 Configurator The list with kart parts could be edited in line. That was not necessary
3038 Configurator In some cases, the Positioning settings were not available anymore
3150 Configurator It was possible to enter anything in a combobox
3599 TV The pit display software was not showing the kart numbers in real time anymore
3762 TV The upcoming sessions software sometimes got confused by mixing up resources
3791 Kiosk In some cases the kiosk software was not asking the Facebook friends list from the client
3640 Kiosk The registration printout was printed on 2 pages when using the letter format
3429 Kiosk The keyboard layout was not following the chosen language in real time
2383 Kiosk The birthday picker didn't show a star to indicate that it was obligatory
2372 Kiosk When tabbing into the birthday picker the popup didn't open
3858 Kiosk The printout didn't always adapt itself to the right language
3413 Kiosk The Facebook login flow was sometimes showing a warning message
3862 Configurator The kiosk question popup didn't scroll properly
3903 Configurator On some small screens, the default session settings could not properly be edited
3756 Configurator It was possible to manually add an application under a device, that should've been blocked

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