2995 Hardware - Timing Rugged Timing Remote control released.  Allows you to manage all actions on your timing software by using a remote control
2997 Hardware - Timing Personal displays for on the karts are released
3179 POS Different discounts per membership on productgroups.  Allows you to give different discounts for one member to bar-products, cigarettes and races
3575 TV New screen for internal use that will show all intelligent warnings that are thrown systemwide.
3958 System You can receive the cash report per user also by e-mail on daily, weekly and monthly basis
2841 Session Clock Emergency mode is shown when you maximize the session clock
3348 Intelligence Many intelligent warnings can be shown or broadcasted
3835 System Completely reworked loader programs to make installations and deployments much easier
3915 Kiosk It is possible to define the layout of the keyboard per question in the kiosk
3938 POS 2D scanner can now also be used to scan normal barcode membercards
3940 POS It is now possible to hide the assets screen when editing members
3962 Timing You can now also transfer the scoregroups in the grand prix screen
3971 Session Clock Session Clock will now also show the checkered flag instead of preparing for the next race or idle mode
3681 Timing Changing the best times group on fast 5 didn't always synchronize back to the mobile or online clients
3755 POS Drivers weren't removed properly when you cancelled a day price race entry product
3880 Timing Loop assignment will now only work for the longest running heat and therefor solve the issue when you started the next heat BEFORE the current heat was finished
3937 Configurator Cannot open / close or test devices after adding
3942 Timing Drivers marked with DNS still got a kart with loop assignment
3946 System Reservations persons might override data of the customer
3953 Kiosk Webview was leaking memory
3954 Pit Display Pit display got stuck on last race if there was no next race planned
3955 TV Records were sometimes not refreshed anymore
3956 Configurator Overview of kiosk pages didn't show the order anymore
3960 Timing Person statistics were not shown when you added a new driver to a race
3966 POS Guardian picture wasn't shown when you were subscribing a new member
3967 POS Card change didn't work for mobile cards
3980 Timing DNS / DNF drivers where proposed for kart - assignment 
3993 Session Clock Clock text was too big when AM/PM was shown
3997 Positioning display On some occasions the side bar wasn't shown anymore
3999 Pit Display Drivers weren't always shown for the first race of the day
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