3639 Timing New sortingmodes for start positions. Invert, Randomize or sort by best or average laptimes startgrids with a single click on a button
3894 Timing Automatically assign scoregroups according to the rental kind used.
3968 Configurator A wizard to import design and templates
3975 Hardware Karttimer multiloop decoder integrated
3433 Kiosk You can now select if you would like the approve terms and conditions by default checked
3639 Timing Right click menu for changing start positions
3753 Configurator Maximum visibility on settings prevents instance settings from being shown in global settings
3983 Timing Additional fields in scores.  Average time and number of laps.
4006 Timing Show age in the main timing grid
4011 Timing Additional fields in the passingslist.  Delta to previous antenna and delta to same antenna.  To help you investigate multiloop races
4042 Hardware Increased the number of characters we can send to driver displays
4046 Timing Copy drivers now copies the drivers with the current position and no longer according to start position.
4047 Timing When you restart a race with loop assignment, karts are no longer copied.
4048 Timing When you restart a finished race, drivers will be sorted by finish position.  When you restart a stopped race, drivers are sorted by start position.
3753 Configurator Settings
4011 Timing Passings now show the delta between the same antenna or the delta with the previous antenna
4045 Timing Horizontal report didn't print the last driver if you had a race with exact 16 drivers
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